From THE LOCAL (Sweden):

A Swedish firm of funeral directors has agreed to pay 15,000 kronor to two sisters. The sisters sued the firm after the funeral, which took place in February 2008, left them appalled and claiming that a number of the undertakers were clearly drunk while in charge of their father's coffin. The undertakers had been closed to dropping the man's coffin on a number of occasions during the service but the ungraceful dumping of their father into his final resting place proved the final straw for the mourning siblings.

As the pallbearers approached the grave they are reported to have lost their grip which resulted in a heavy fall into the ground with the coffin landing on its side.

“Both daughters were in shock and ran away in tears from the cemetery. They didn’t dare to look in the grave as they were convinced the coffin had opened and their dead father had fallen out,” their lawyer Michael Abejon wrote in their submission to Södertörn District Court.

COMMENT: Of course, this story is not in the slightest bit funny. But I'm sure you lot can remedy that with your poetic imaginations. Off you go, then!



  1. There once were two sisters who tried
    To give their dad a good funeral who’d died
    But the pallbearers were pissed
    And the hole they clear missed
    And their dad woke up, sore on his side.

    Too easy!

  2. The way that the bearers behave,
    Should add dignity and calm to a grave,
    But to drop the old box
    So the chap get some knocks,
    Is an insult the sisters can’t waive.