Posted by Jay at BAILEY'S BUDDY:

Good news! Dan’s ventilation tube was removed (intentionally) at about 10:15 this morning – and the feeding tube from his nose (unintentionally, getting caught up with the vent tubes and tapes) at the same time, giving him much relief. He nodded his head in response to questions, squeezed hands, and wiggled feet. Before you know it, he’ll be doing the Hokey Pokey!

He’s off all meds except the final day of the antibiotic to treat the pneumonia, and that seems to be about cleared away.

Please join our prayers of thanksgiving – with continuing supplication for full recovery, of course. Also, we’ve shared experiences with others along the way, while here, and have collected other prayer requests. I can’t name them – God knows the names. Just please add “and for all those for whom Dan’s family has been asked to pray” before your “amen.” Thanks again, and many blessings. Victoria


Posted by Grandmère Mimi at WOUNDED BIRD:

Prayers please for Katherine, a member of my church who died suddenly last Sunday. Katherine was the matriarch and heart of her family. Her husband, John, to whom she was married for many years, will miss her terribly, as will their three children, Mary Katharine, Grace, and Carolyn, her 7 grandchildren, and her great-grandchild.

Also, people, it is at this time of year that Mimi is particularly reminded of her sister, Gayle, who died four years ago. So keep our friend in your prayers for a while.



My prayers go out to the entire University of Virginia community as they mourn the murder of Yeardley Love and also cope with the reality that another student was her killer.

My heart is heavy and my compassion goes out to Yeardley's family and friends in this horrible time. So tragic, so sad.


Posted by Margaret at

Please pray for my friend N. She and her beloved--expecting a baby, and then when it was time for the baby to be delivered, she and baby were rushed off to the hospital. Baby Thomas was delivered needing heart surgery. N is the priest I walked on a pilgrimage with between Richmond and DC.


Posted by Kate at WHEN I WAS A BOY:

This will be brief and disjointed. I am broken. Devastated.

I realized that I could not be happy with sharing Tim...that I needed to be with him, or over him. That, as I told him, he had to choose. Deep in the depths of despair, asking God to let him avoid this cup, he chose me...and then, three days later, rescinded his choice. Now all three of us are hurt -- Ray isn't sure he wants Tim back, Tim know he's hurt both of us, and I am...broken, devastated. How can this be okay? How can the three of us, trying to do the best we could, have hurt each other and ourselves so very much?


Posted by SCG at WAKE UP AND LIVE:

Word from the land of the Gators is that Terry's surgery went fine. A little too much excitement with a blockage at the "left branch bundle" of her heart. According to words flying about in emails, such a thing is NOT atypical and indicates a heart rhythm issue. She was kept at Shands overnight, and we're hoping she'll be released and on her way home soon.

Dona's mother Glo is also making a turn toward recovery, although has been in some pain from the operation and the after effects with nausea. The good news is that her kidneys are functioning well.

Keep the prayers going and the candles lit!


Posted by Joan Lucia-Treese at MY TWO CENTS WORTH:

Last night I won my first political race and was the top vote getter! I am a director-elect for the Colorado Centre Metropolitan District. I will be sworn into my 4 year term on May 27, 2010.



Just to let you know that Neal , THEMETHATISME, is in hospital. A flare up of his Crohns, his small bowel has become inflamed. On steroids for the next few days, they will then decide if surgery is needed.

Anyway if you could let people know we would both be grateful. I'll keep in touch and let you know how he's doing and there will be regular updates on my blog. 


Posted by Crystal at PERSPECTIVE:

Today when I went out to mow the lawn, I sadly found a dead squirrel in the yard. At least I assumed he was dead - I hate that about not being able to see very well - I wasn't sure if he was just paralyzed 🙁 So I put him on a piece of cardborad in the shade and waited until my sister dropped by later. She pronounced him dead and we buried him under the walnut tree. I wonder if he was the gray squirrel I took this above photo of months ago.

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THE PRAYER LIST — 5 Comments

  1. Thanks for the prayers, Jonathan.

    Katherine was the ideal parishioner that every rector and congregation dreams of. She will be missed. Her husband, John, will be, indeed already is, lost without her. He depended greatly on her.

    I still miss Gayle. She was my best friend, as well as my sister.

  2. Prayers ascending.


    I feel for polyamorous Kate. I do. [I remember the brouhaha her admission of polyamory enkindled in certain (web-)circles).

    …and at the same time, being honest, I have a gut-level “Duh!” feeling.

    When the ‘phobes hurl their inevitable slippery-slope “Well, if we bless two men or two women, why not *three* men? Why not [to wit, here] two men and a woman?” analogies, this is what I want to say back to them: polyamorous groups are INHERENTLY unstable. (In contrast w/ straight or gay couplings, which are merely frequently unstable! ;-/)

    The only reason they SEEMED to “work” in the past, or even present (i.e., polygyny), is w/ grossly unequal power-differentials: when “sister-wives” really CAN’T leave, there’s a force to make the thing “work”, that free-associated polyamorous groupings don’t have.

    [MP: I know this is really off-topic, in a prayer thread. If you would like to delete it from here, I would really prefer you perhaps put it into a separate thread, for a discussion of the topic? Thanks.]

  3. Oh, in seeing the squirrel:

    I hit a little bird w/ my car yesterday (flew right in front of me). I stopped to check it: yes, it was deceased (I was prepared to quickly dispatch it, if it were suffering). I removed it from the road, to the bushes.

    I don’t think I could have done anything to NOT hit it, but I’m still sorry. 🙁 Fly on to the Car-Free Happy Lands, Little Friend.

  4. Please do say a prayer or two for Yeardley and her family. My daughter attends the same high school she attended and the teachers, especially, are in shock.