I have unilaterally taken the decision to go back to the pop-up window style for your comments. I thought about putting it to the vote but I feared that might result in people getting cross with each other and I am so used to you getting cross with me that's it just water off a ducks back for me when I am the subject of your scorn.

The reason for my decision is the following email from JCF. Nobody has come up with an argument against the pop-up style more, or even equally, convincing than JCF's argument for it. So, it is logical for me to cave in to his request. However, along with victory, JCF also takes the post of "person who is responsible for everything that goes wrong in the world" off Cathy, and puts it onto his own shoulders.

May I be serious for *One* minute?

As many of you know, I am poor.

Dial-up internet is all I can afford.

When it becomes instinct to open the thread w/ a simple click, it takes me away from the OCICBW mainpage . . . which then takes forever to reload (and sometimes, even crashes the system---fortunately, not nearly as often as when MP was in his gawdawful PINK phase! }-p)

This, THIS---and not MERELY to be irrascible---is why I want, nay adore the Pop-Up format.

Yes, he's a right drama queen, but we love him.


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  1. can I please say here that it’s fine by me – while it was very kind of MadPriest to change the format for the sake of someone he thought was struggling with it, I don’t personally mind either way.

    JCF, you’re still getting a slap from me next time I see you, for telling me to “feck off”.

  2. While I prefer the other one, if it’s a problem for anyone, change it back. NOW..if we can just get rid of comment moderation!!!

  3. My vast blog readership (all 5 of them) requested the pop-up format. I prefer it myself for the reasons Saintly Ramblings describes above.

  4. I like this comment format better because going to comments doesn’t cut off the music. I go directly to whatever music bar is there to click and listen while I read the other posts and comments. Couldn’t do that with the “experiment” of the past couple of days. So thanks, MP!

  5. Boaz: “NOW..if we can just get rid of comment moderation!!!”

    Please don’t ask MP to become immoderate! It’s bad enough the way he is!

    wv = francl
    (the new French-English currency)

  6. Sincere thanks:

    Cathy, I am going to ENJOY that slap w/ every fiber of my nerves! >;-D

    [Oh, “Ta” for the Format Restoration also.]

  7. Ah there you are JCF!! I’ve been looking for you.


    From now on boy you mind your p’s and q’s around mamma. Behave yourself!!!

    (ow, my hand is stinging)…

  8. David, this time round you have not been quite as deeply naughty as JCF, but your turn may well roll around in time.

    I can’t believe MadPriest actually went away when I told him to. I must remember that one.

  9. well, I appear to have rendered JCF completely speechless with that slap. Not sure if that’s good or not. Maybe he’s had to take a lie-down to recover.

    I hugely enjoyed giving it though. David, don’t think I don’t have my eye on you… Same goes for you, MadPriest. And all the men round here. And all the women. Mind your manners round mamma! Or the lot of you will get a spanking.