If you have a complaint about the new style comment box, please direct them at Cathy. I've changed it to make it easier for her, as she is a Dizzy Sheila and couldn't quite get the hang of the old style.


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  1. Is Dizzy Sheila an official OCICBW title? … If so, I’m honoured, and deeply touched. And would like to thank my mum. And my agent. (sobs embarrassingly loudly while clutching award)

  2. I actually don’t know why Mad Priest thinks there was a problem tho – I posted one comment in the wrong place yesterday, but that’s all I’ve ever done. But never mind. I don’t object to whichever style of comment box we use really.

  3. You little liar!

    You blamed my comment box style for your disgraceful error. And I believe the operative word was “always,” if I remember right.

  4. I hate this format. Ah well, prettyr women will turn MP’s head every time which means he should apply to be a Nigerian bishop. Oh wait, he is a Christian. Forget it.


  5. I’m trying to remember what the comment box used to look like. What it looks like now is just like a number of other blogs before which I occasionally cast pearls. The big deal is….?

  6. If it is “always” Cathy’s fault, she doesn’t deserve any award for causing this disimprovement of the comment box.


    wv = relike
    (prefer the way it was)

  7. Prole…

    Well, that’s my word verification, and as I have not much else to add to this topic, I figured it was as good as anything else I might write.

  8. I don’t give a flying frack about the comment box, but it would be convenient if I could blame Cathy for my difficulty in finding a new location for my office.

  9. Is this comment box different from the last comment box? If so, in what way?

    wv: monal

    Never mind, I got it when I hit “Preview.”

  10. I really ain’t no liar, Mad Priest, I blamed the “blogging system”, by which (oh dear) I actually meant in general, rather than the style of box (though that was possibly not clear).

    Having said that, this style of box is much less likely to cause the problem I was referring to (just to recap for all the annoyed folks here, a number of people have complained about posts failing to appear, not every day, but often enough, and I thought I had worked out a possible reason why, pls see the Lynn Redgrave post if anyone wants to know what that was all about).

    Also, it was very kind of you, Mad Priest, to even think of changing the style of box for my sake, and I am honestly tickled pink to be branded both a “dizzy Sheila” and a “little liar” on the same day. It makes me feel all fuzzy.

  11. No, no, no, no, NO!!!

    Sorry—but Cathy can feck off on this one.

    [Seriously, I’ve gone around the Anglican Blogiverse yammering at hosts “Give me Pop-Up threads! Y’know, like MadPriest has!”}


    Oh: and thank you.

  12. Sorry—but Cathy can feck off on this one.


    I didn’t request it, ya know. All I did was a) post a comment in the wrong place a couple of days ago, which I have done once, in my life, and b) said to MP I had a theory on why people sometimes complain their comments have gone missing.

    I ain’t the witch of Endor!! You’ll have to take your complaint up with the management.

    And you’ve always been such a nice well-mannered boy to me!!

  13. fair go, everyone, anyone would think I’d held a gun to your head, Mad Priest!

    JCF, mind your manners, or you’ll get a slap, a proper one.

  14. Jonathan, I don’t care what comment format you use. When I made my comment to Cathy, I was joking, but the thread seems to have moved in the direction of bashing Cathy, and, as I don’t want to be part of that, I deleted my comment. However, I fully realize that I’ve already done my part to promote Cathy-bashing, without intending to.

    Mea culpa. Sorry, Cathy.

  15. Oh, it all depends, Ann. JCF is not one for gender labels but I can’t call him “it” so I stick with “he.” I did ask him about this once and that’s what he suggested. I believe he changes the emphasis from time to time, and I’ve been told he’s visually female at the moment. But, I can’t be arsed to try and keep up with these shapeshifters and it’s not like calling him a bloke is an insult or anything.

  16. Well, I was enjoying the time off, Mimi. And, anyway, she started it by evicting the aborigines from their ancient lands 🙂

  17. “Dizzy Sheila” ? What’s that ? Aussie slang for “smart, funny, and babelicious” ?

    David – you are my friend for life.

    Grandmere Mimi, you don’t need to apologise, I wish you hadn’t deleted your comment really, yours was allright, in fact they’re all allright, it’s all in the spirit of fun really. Except for JCF, who is on the warpath, and who is still going to get a spanking from me when I see him.

    MadPriest, your ancestors started it when you threw mine out of the Highlands. Although to be fair some even earlier ancestors of mine from another branch of the family came over from France and threw out your lot in 1066.

  18. “Except for JCF, who is on the warpath, and who is still going to get a spanking from me when I see him.”

    “A spanking! a spanking!” —the girls from Castle Anthrax

  19. [Cathy, hon: MP’s said “F@ck off” at me—sometimes w/ the “u” in its proper spot—any number of times. Since I’ve concluded “F@ck off” is a sign of affection & respect around these parts, that’s how I aimed it at you, too.]

    May I be serious for *One* minute?

    As many of you know, I am poor.

    Dial-up internet is all I can afford.

    When it becomes instinct to open the thread w/ a simple click, it takes me away from the OCICBW mainpage . . . which then takes forever to reload (and sometimes, even crashes the system—fortunately, not nearly as often as when MP was in his gawdawful PINK phase! }-p)

    This, THIS—and not MERELY to be irrascible—is why I want, nay adore the Pop-Up format.

    Now, MP, would you PLEASE restore it—seeing as Cathy didn’t request it anyway?

    [I thought JCF is female: you and the bloody State of California, Ann. But as President Obama (his foes) has taught us, we can never argue w/ our birth certificate . . . except I do. In Comic Geek-Speak, I’m the Uncanny XX Man!]

  20. JCF – does not matter — whatever you decide is okay by me and the only thing that matters.

  21. Cathy, hon: MP’s said “F@ck off” at me—sometimes w/ the “u” in its proper spot—any number of times. Since I’ve concluded “F@ck off” is a sign of affection & respect around these parts, that’s how I aimed it at you, too

    awwwww JCF!!! that’s all right then.

    Consider yourself smacked tho!! 🙂

  22. Not exactly a sign of affection. More a sign of extreme and real annoyance directed towards someone I have affection for 🙂

  23. [JCF: “Mind Over Matter”]

    MP, you and I are different, then (for which we BOTH Give Thanks!)

    My “f@ck offs” at you ARE said w/ great affection.

    It’s where I don’t post, that conveys “extreme and real annoyance directed towards someone I have affection for”

    [E.g., JCF thinking, {“MP blathering on about immigration AGAIN? Why doesn’t he move to Arizona? He’ll find people who agree w/ him—AND who want to throw him out, for being a &%$#!! immigrant! (whose heavily-accented so-called “English” is unintelligible to ‘Merkan ears). Yeah, he’ll be on the outs w/ the bishop there (+Kirk Smith, Good Man!)—but so what else is new? . . . Eh, why bother to say this? MP’ll just become cross w/ me, and then Play Victim some more. F@ck me, Life’s Too Short.”} JCF closes thread, unremarked.]