"Life is a reality, you can’t always run away"

Film and stage star Lynn Redgrave died on Sunday of breast cancer at the age of 67.

"Our beloved mother Lynn Rachel passed away peacefully after a seven-year journey with breast cancer," her children said on Monday.

She was first treated for breast cancer in 2003.

"She lived, loved and worked harder than ever before. The endless memories she created as a mother, grandmother, writer, actor and friend will sustain us for the rest of our lives," her children's statement read. 

Full story at THE BBC.

COMMENT: Lynn, although often overshadowed by her sister, Vanessa, even within her own family, was by far the most attractive of the Redgrave clan in both looks and personality. Vanessa's acting could make you want to slit your wrists. Lynn's acting could make you want to live.


"Life is a reality, you can’t always run away" — 15 Comments

  1. I saw Georgy Girl when I was nine and couldn’t believe that the main character wasn’t supposed to be beautiful.

    Rest in Peace and Rise in Glory, Lynn!

  2. So very sad. I’ve admired all of the Redgrave women, from Lynn to Vanessa’s daughter Natasha (also dead too soon).

  3. Another Good Woman Done Gone. 🙁

    RIP/RIG, Lynne Girl.

    [FYI: in the 1986 (US) TV movie “My Two Loves”, Lynne tempted Mariette Hartley to the women-loving side o’ things. She had the same effect on (Formerly!) Confused Lil’ Me! 😉 The line I remember, after all these years: Lynne R to Mariette H, “(Some boring dude) would like to be your gentleman caller? Well, I would like to be your lady caller.” Done deal! ;-D]

  4. My comment earlier seems to have vanished …? Anyway, I said I loved her in Gods and Monsters, with Ian McKellen – she is very funny as his German housekeeper.

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