From Suzer, of the now defunct "Wheel Inside the Wheel" blog:

Will you please post a prayer request for my cousin, Cindy, her husband, Joe, and their two daughters, Morgan and Christina? Cindy and Joe's 5 year old son drowned today on a family fishing trip. Needless to say, our whole family is in shock and grief. Why such things happen, I will never know.

Please pray for this family, as their grief is something I just can't imagine. There are no words.

Thank you.

Their son, Joe Jr., was fondly known as Deuce. Last summer, Cindy posted a video of him singing at a local baseball game on YouTube.


Lord, have mercy.


Christ, have mercy


Lord, have mercy.



  1. Heartfelt prayers for Cindy, Joe, Morgan and Christina, and all who loved Deuce, especially Suzer. What a terrible tragedy. Tears streaming from heaven….

  2. Oh, that precious little boy. I will definitely pray. We have two small daughters of our own, and I cannot imagine the horror that family must be experiencing. May God hold them tightly.

  3. Oh, dear God. This is so horrible. So, so horrible. There are, of course, no words that will do.

    Dearest Suzer, I promise I will pray. I am praying now. Please tell Cindy and Joe if that seems appropriate.

    Deuce is now in the arms of Jesus. But Morgan and Christina will undoubtedly suffer survivor’s guilt and anxiety. So will the traumatized parents. I pray for them all and for others in the family, like you, who are in the position of needing to support them during this devastating time.

    May God Almighty, in mercy, sustain those who are suffering and may little Deuce know everlasting bliss.

  4. Prayers ascend for all. There is nothing to say in unfairness of it all. Only the ‘standing with’ in the silence of faith.

  5. There are no words for this, but so many prayers unite for all of those who loved child and must bear this loss.

  6. No amount of prayers will give solace to the family, right now. There is no consolation in moments like these.

    However, I offer my prayers for Deuce’s family and in celebration of his birthday in the Lord.

  7. May this family be surrounded and protected by the Love and Grace of God. We are all reminded of our powerlessness and the thin veil between life and death. May we all use whatever time we have together to love and serve after the example of our Lord Jesus.
    I will light a candle of gratefulness for the life of Deuce and for the healing of his family.

  8. I just hope they do not give in to that “God’s will,” “God needed him more than you did,” “God only gave him to you for a little time” crap that ignorant folks will lay on them.

    There is no explanation. A terrible tragedy happened and a little boy lost his life. Now a family will suffer the loss, the shame, the guilt… However, God is in the midst of all of that emotion experiencing it with them and feeling their pain personally.

    That I do know to be true. And if they allow it, God’s love will see them through, in all the ways it will be manifested.

    Prayers offered.

  9. Prayers ascending. There are no adequate words to comfort a family torn this way.

    Holy Mary, holy James who knew tragic loss, pray with us for them.


  10. Prayers. Love. Begging for comfort—in memories, in Eternal Hope—for all who grieve this child.

  11. We were going to have a slack morning at home this morning (and wag chuch) but when I read this I felt so sad I had to go to church to pray for this family and so I badgered my family into going (but I couldn’t tell them why) and we got there, late. I’ve prayed but I hope that people close to this family can do more for them.

  12. Thank you all, and especially MP for posting the request. I can’t even imagine the terrible ache and loneliness Cindy and Joe are experiencing. I hope that somehow God will reach through the pain and give them some solace. Blessings to you all, and thank for the prayers.

  13. There are no words to offer comfort for such a loss—only prayers for strength and courage and hope for little Joe’s family and friends.