This one will kill you, folks!


The Pope said today that the internet carries a risk of control and conformity of thought. He said that while the internet is egalitarian and creates the opportunity to be informed and stay connected, it also comes with risks. He mentioned the “dangers of conformity, of control, of moral and intellectual relativism, which can already be recognised in the decline of critical spirit”.

The Pope was addressing a meeting on digital technologies and new media promoted by the Italian Bishops’ Conference.

COMMENT: There's no decline in the critical spirit at OCICBW... you rubbish pontiff, you!



  1. Pope Benny did say, “Re: the net”
    That it’s, “far too conformist” as yet
    “All the sites are just shite
    Though Mad Priest’s blog’s alright
    (I’d comment, but he’d delete it, I bet).”

  2. ‘He mentioned the “dangers of conformity, of control, of moral and intellectual relativism, which can already be recognised in the decline of critical spirit”.’

    If you wish for me to be critical of this statement, I shall be. I await further instructions.

  3. What he detests is how quickly the internet allows everyone who is no one to know his dirty laundry.

    What he fears most is that because of the internet he has lost so much control.

  4. Conservatives everywhere seem to identify their own characteristics in others. I’m tempted to think it’s because they are lacking in self-awareness and self-reflection. So, although the subconscious recognizes similarities, the conscious brain doesn’t. The other is as foreign as the self to people who are incapable of self-knowledge.

    Btw, there’s a relatively new site you all might enjoy. I’ll link it to my handle.

  5. Ditto what David |Dah • veed| said and what Jim said. All the Powers-that-Be would shut the lid on this little Pandora’s box in a heartbeat if only they could.

  6. Very insightful, Hannah.

    (I think the point you make here will work very well as the springboard for a dharma talk in my meditation classes. I’ll credit you! Although, I’ll probably avoid directly identifying the dynamic you describe with conservativism and simply say that people who project in this way do so because they’re lacking in self-awareness and continue from there. Mind you, I agree with you about conservatism. I’ll just let the class participants connect those dots!)

  7. PS:

    Oh, wow, Hannah. Thanks for the link to “Like the Dew”. As a Southerner born and bred, I love it! Thank you. I will send this to several friends who will really appreciate it.

  8. I’m really glad you got something out of Hannah’s comment, Ellie and that you took the trouble to reply to her. Hannah sends her stuff in and I usually haven’t got the foggiest what she is going on about because I don’t get the references, especially the political ones. I feel guilty I can’t reply to her after she has gone to so much trouble.

  9. Guilt, dear MadPriest, is an entirely useless emotion. Besides, it doesn’t bother me at all not to we replied to. It’s the normal reaction to me.

    But, yes, LiketheDew is a classy site and it’s got a nice mixture of stuff that refreshes. Oh, and they seem to like my writing.

    Also, I’ve now got a Youtube channel/page with some original stuff.

    I’ll link it to my moniker. LOL