The Pope's right-hand man insists there is no cause-and-effect link between priestly celibacy and the child abuse scandal rocking the Roman Catholic Church.

"There is no direct link between celibacy and the deviant behaviour of certain priests," Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, Vatican secretary of state, told the Spanish newspaper Vanguardia.
"On the contrary, it is precisely the failure to remain celibate that gradually degrades the life of a priest, until he ceases to be an example, a gift, a spiritual guide for others.
"It has been amply demonstrated that celibacy, when faithfully observed, is of great value to their vocation and in helping the people of God."

COMMENT: Actually, I tend to believe him. These obscenities are probably not just due to a simple link between celibacy and child abuse. I expect the problem is the dualist, unnatural, life denying, creation hating and completely screwed up attitude to the entire totality of human sexual nature adhered to by the misogynist, genophobic, mother-worshipping men of the Catholic hierarchy. Child abuse is a perversion of the normal sexual instinct, as is the divinisation of deliberately chosen celibacy. If you are already commited to one perversion it is no huge step to move on to another perversion of our God given, natural desires.



  1. I would quibble with “mother-loving”. I think its virgin mother-loving. We don’t really like to talk about sex in married couples except its a necessary evil for procreation.

    other than that, I think you’re close.

  2. I disagree, Lisbeth. I have observed that there is a direct link between the pathological obsessive love of their real life mother and misogyny, amongst Anglo-Catholic gay priests. I don’t have the observations to say if this link exists among straight males.


  3. It would help, obviously, if the RCC would stop spending so much energy either pretending there isn’t a problem or trying to defend itself, and instead make a real, honest and detailed attempt at finding out why the abuse has taken place. However, I am not clinging to the armrests of my chair with indrawn breath waiting to see if that will happen.

  4. I’d agree that dominated humans compensate by being domineering and dominating children is relatively easy. What’s really perverse is calling the abuse of children pedophilia.

    Anyway, I stopped by to point out that President Obama, in answering a question about the next SCOTUS nominee, made reference to the importance of protecting the “bodily integrity” of all persons, including women in their reproductive capacity. “integrity of the person” would also seem to apply to other natural attributes, which the government is bound to protect. It’s a positive charge instead of a prohibition — consistent with the general framework of our Constitution directed towards what government may and must do.
    Protecting “bodily integrity” would cover health/medical care as a whole.

  5. The RCC is an institution that actually has both sides of the coin. There are rites with allegiance to Rome with a married priesthood. Compare and contrast, do these rites have the same bad experience with married priests that the Roman Rite has with celibate priests?

  6. Perhaps what needs to be remembered is that Celibacy is something that requires a “call” rather than an imposition. The problem arises when it is imposed as a condition of the “call” to ministry. Turn it round and imagine a church which requires every priest to be married. We would clearly say that some who are called to ministry are called to the state of marriage and some aren’t. So too with celibacy.

  7. Personally, I can’t think why God would poke his nose into the marital states of priests, as long as there is no hanky panky going on. To say celibacy or marriage is a call is like saying your choice of breakfast cereal is preordained by God. We should stop using God as an excuse for our own personal choices whatever they are.

  8. Celibacy works when it works – what an insight!
    “just so no” also works when it works, as do all RC ideas about sex.

    Now when are these people going to start looking at just how often it works and what can be done when it goes disastrously wrong?