From The Archbishop of Canterbury’s video address to the Fourth Global South to South Encounter, 20 April 2010:

But of course we are reflecting on the need for a covenant in the light of confusion, brokenness and tension within our Anglican family – a brokenness and a tension that has been made still more acute by recent decisions in some of our Provinces. In all your minds there will be questions around the election and consecration of Mary Glasspool in Los Angeles. All of us share the concern that in this decision and action the Episcopal Church has deepened the divide between itself and the rest of the Anglican family. And as I speak to you now, I am in discussion with a number of people around the world about what consequences might follow from that decision, and how we express the sense that most Anglicans will want to express, that this decision cannot speak for our common mind.

But I hope also in your thinking about this and in your reacting to it, you’ll bear in mind that there are no quick solutions for the wounds of the Body of Christ. It is the work of the Spirit that heals the Body of Christ, not the plans or the statements of any group, or any person, or any instrument of communion. Naturally we seek to minimize the damage, to heal the hurts, to strengthen our mission, to make sure that it goes forward with integrity and conviction. Naturally, there are decisions that have to be taken. But at the same time we must all—as indeed your own covering notes suggest for your conference—we must all share in a sense of repentance and willingness to be renewed by the Spirit.

I have posted the full text of the address at FOOTNOTES.



  1. Well that does it for me with this piece of shit ABC. Any mote of respect that I might have reserved for him because of his office, he just flushed down the crapper with this little jewel!

  2. I’ve read it.

    As usual, Rowan whored himself out to the GS, looking for quantity of nominal “christians” rather than quality of actual followers of Christ!

    No more support for the AC. Let the Global South pay their prostitute in Canterbury.

  3. I read it earlier this morning and was so angry I wanted to cry. My wv says it all “aessesse” It’s both a cry of anger or an expletive.

  4. After banging on and on about God’s covenant with us does it not occur to Rowan that we are hardly in need of another one?

    We are a communion. We can be no more than this. Isn’t is disrespectful to talk about “covenant” between people as if it can be in any way like the covenant God has with us?

    If Mary Glasspool’s election puts the skids under this covenant thing it will have killed two birds (homophobia and “the Anglican covennant”) with one stone. Well done.

    the Episcopal Church has deepened the divide between itself and the rest of the Anglican family.

    Not only is that part of his address deeply offensive it’s actually factually crazy. Surely Rowan realises that?

  5. Not only is that part of his address deeply offensive it’s actually factually crazy.

    Quite right, Boaz. The Americans will claim to be have been insulted (although, to be honest, it will have no real effect on them), but it is the rest of us, the “Not In My Name” brigade, who have been insulted the most as we seem to have disappeared completely according to our beloved leader.

  6. Can we just consider this his letter of resignation, move on and get a new person in there?

    Quick, ring up the queen, tell her the ABC has officially resigned.

  7. With two disasters in a row the office of +Cantuar has become a stumbling block. Were it not for the cautionary tale of Saul and the witch of Endor I should like to call Michael Ramsey back.

  8. I believe Divine Providence has put into my hands a wv I cannot refuse: “byehea”, which I shall interpret as “bye, his excellent arsiness.” Poor Rowan, prostituting himself to preserve the AC, when that train has already left the station. Sigh….

  9. He never misses a chance to pander to bigots, does he?

    Just think what a fine time he could have at a Klan rally.

    PS: My word verification this time is “dirtiest.” It certainly fits Rowan’s latest antics.

  10. The office of the ABC — and even Rowan — used to have a great deal of respect in the U.S. Without that respect, the U.S. would not have entertained the whole “gracious restraint for a time” thing.

    Rowan has treated the U.S. response like a bully — it’s a sign of weakness that gives him the right to kick the the victim in the teeth.

    Rowan has by and large lost any respect in the U.S., except for the Akinola allies group, and there really aren’t that many of them.

    This thing may be the death knell.

    It’s sad. But ultimately, you have to get up off the floor and get out the door. I think we may be finally at that point.

  11. The ABC is a bully and enjoys the power too much. But in doing so he is alienating many of us here in the U.S. Episcopal Church.

    Shame on you RW!

  12. He has totally caved. Totally. All the more to keep his name in the prayers of the people. He needs every prayer we can muster though it probably is too late.

  13. The only cleric in the world retaining any moral authority is Desmond Tutu.

    If he can’t set one, couldn’t Rowan Williams at least follow one?


    THAT skinny chick? Fuhgeddaboutit!

    Now, w/ MY 14 inch XX ‘ceps, I can think of a certain Archbishop of Canterbury who deserves a lil’ time being hung up! >;-/

    But seriously: I *SO* don’t give a damn about Williams anymore…

  15. We need someone like Hans Küng to write a letter to the bishops of the Anglican Communion. It’s time for drastic action, maybe even another Reformation.