From DISPATCHES ONLINE (South Africa):

Tempers flared at a Mdantsane church yesterday as congregants chased away their minister during a morning service. Up to 100 members of St Andrew’s Parish, an Anglican church in NU13, were protesting against the Reverend Warren Bada for apparently “insulting” congregants and refusing Eucharist to those who could not afford a pledging fee. Yesterday Bada demanded that congregants pay a R70 fee to pledge to the church, regardless of what they thought they could afford.

"(Bada) makes chaos in our church,” said Nceba Baca, who protested outside the church.

Bada also used “unacceptable language” during the Sunday service, church secretary, Nolundi Vangani, claimed. “He was disciplining our youth (for talking during the service) … He said they are ‘from dirty wombs’ and that they are ‘sucking poison from our tits’,” Vangani said.

Another visibly furious congregant told the Dispatch that Bada had chased away congregants when they went to discuss their grievances with him.

The congregants protested outside the church until eventually Bada was forced to flee. Then some of them followed Bada’s car down the road, chanting “Hamba Bada, hamba (Go, Bada, go)”.

Bada refused to comment about yesterday’s events, and referred the Dispatch to the Anglican Church bishop. But Bishop Ebenezer St Mark Ntlali was unavailable for comment yesterday.



  1. so first the Reverend Badass chased the congregants away, then they chased him away – it’s like something out of the Keystone Cops.

    PS if that church think “tit” is a bit strong it’s lucky you don’t work there, MP.

  2. Excuse me! I have never said tit in church in my life – or anything like it. There’s a time and place for such vocab, you know.

  3. Well, KJ, I know of, at least, three pious punks that regularly contribute to the OCICBW… threads. And then there’s the goths…

  4. There’s a very wicked liberation-of-the-laity part of me that would like to see this happen at EVERY Anglican parish (and every Anglican cathedral, even moreso!)…

    …and THEN, if said clerics can be shown to behave (defined as “Not lording over their congregation like jack@sses”), they’ll be let back in.

  5. Could it be that the good pastor’s concerns about increasing the collection were motivated by the need to procure the dignity of an improved pectoral cross?

    It would be the goal — as it is sometimes called here in New Jersey — of “Bada bling”.

    wv = surroker
    (atop a weatherman)

  6. Yes, JCF. And I think we should be a damn sight more careful about which laity we allow in in the first place.

    If you’re referring to THIS correspondent, you’ll have to take that up w/ my parents (who had Yours Truly officially “allowed in” to TEC at age 5 months).

    What I hear from too many clerics: my wv is, I kid you not . . . “whine”! *LOL*