I'm clearing off for a few days in North West Scotland. I promise you that I am not going to any interviews. It's just a holiday.

Chin Wag will remain open for postings and comments as normal. I could say "behave yourselves," but, quite honestly, I don't care what you get up to over there. So, just enjoy yourselves. Oh, and try to post a few things just to keep things going. KJ is in charge. He has the final and infallible say in all arguments that might break out among you.

I'll leave the comments open on this page. But I won't be able to publish any new ones that are submitted until I get back.

I did email Dennis to ask if he wanted to open Of Course, I Could Be On Vacation... for the week. But he hasn't replied so I assume he is busy on his great work. Or maybe he just hates me like everyone else in the universe. (Goodness, I need this holiday)


BLOG NOTICE — 16 Comments

  1. I didn’t see your email! When did you send it? And no, I don’t hate you. Good Lord, I miss one email….

    As for the vacation blog. Oh, boy. I have a big deadline for my dissertation committee coming up next week and a committee meeting a couple of weeks after that. I really can’t do the vacation blog right now. Can the Chin Wag do for now?

  2. Beginning of the week. Probably to the wrong address. Yes, I’m sure Chin Wag will be fine if you really can’t put off your dissertation thingy 🙂

    Good luck by the way.

  3. It looks like Saintly Ramblings has reopened OCICBOV…

    I can post a few things but don’t have the time to manage the place.
    SR if you could be in charge and chase up some posts from the regular crowd that would be wonderful. And thanks for doing it.

    And Jonathan, have a wonderful vacation.