It may be that, at the end of his eight years in office (well, one has to be optimistic), you will only be able to say of Barack Obama, "At least he made a start." But, as the presidents of the USA, for as far back as I can remember, have, on so many of the issues of importance to OCICBW... readers, remained stationary at the start line all the way through their terms in office, I think you can already chalk this bloke up as a vast improvement. Me? As an outsider, so not so impatient for change, I've still got him up there on a pedestal. He impresses me greatly. I'm not a "slowly, slowly, catchy monkey" type of guy. But I can appreciate the art of it in others.



  1. He’s back up there on the sidebar of my blog.

    The healthcare bill is a lot less than I would like, but when was the last time progressive legislation of this magnitude became law? As I recall, color TV was still new in 1965.

    We’ll see if the Senate Republicans want to restart the Cold War just to say “Fuck you Mr. President” one more time.
    I predict that they’ll opt for stroking the paranoid crazies in their base once again by parading out the tattered specter of the Red Menace, while quietly ignoring real threats like Iran and North Korea.

    Of course, the whole point of this treaty is for both countries to address those mutual threats together instead of separately.

  2. To be honest, Counterlight, I think I may be all that’s left of the Red Menace. So, you can tell your generals that they haven’t got anything to worry about.

  3. Whenever I find myself feeling disappointed with President Obama (and I *am* disappointed quite a bit, actually) I just force myself to think of McCain and Palin and, boy, do I then realize how we dodged a bullet!

  4. Don’t tell anyone, MadPriest, but there’s also a 60 year old nun hanging out in Tulsa who’s also a remnant of that “Red Menace”!!!

    (Just joking, Homeland Security! Just joking!)

  5. Well, as, no doubt, they already have you listed as a bog standard, grade one menace, Counterlight, I doubt if it really matters what colour you happen to be.

  6. Mr. Obama has a fairly good chance at a second term simply because the Republicans have so little on offer. I think the only possibly credible challenge is Romney and the idea of the fundegelical voters lining up to vote for a Mormon is sort of hard to picture. When you get to their second level, you have gone down hill a lot. Sarah Palin, Mike Huckabee and the like are simply not creditable candidates.

    So we have a fair chance at an 8 year run. Even if he disappoints the moderates they are not gonna vote for Palin. A libertarian challenge probably has a better chance than a Republican. But I doubt it has the sort of punch needed to move the voters.


  7. Jim

    Please keep in may that GW wasn’t a credible candidate either.

    I’m a Democrat, but I am all too mindful of the Party’s history of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory (see first paragraph above).

    I will say this however, if the likes of Sarah Palin (or any other Tea Party darling) gets elected, I don’t care how bad the winters are up north, I’m moving to Canada.

    Of course Michael Palin might not be so bad, but then he’s not eligible.

  8. I expect JCF will come under the category of “damn menace.”

    Don’t tell me I’m replacing Mimi as your new crush? [Please, Crazy Arse, don’t toy w/ my affections: my poor heart can’t stand it!]


    OK, OK: treaty w/ Russkies re cutting nukes, GOOD.

    But yesterday, authorizing the targetted killing (of a US citizen no less! The Yemeni cleric Awlaki), NOT GOOD. Terrible, in fact.

    Yes, yes: the difference compared to Dubya&Cheney, is that they would just take him out, WITHOUT telling us they’d officially authorized it.

    But if ONE US citizen can be executed without trial, where does it end? [Esp., say in a few years, w/ someone less benificent than the Honorable B.H. Obama pulling the trigger?]

  9. I can’t think of a single US President with a spotless record. FDR was responsible for the Japanese internment camps. Lincoln, let’s face it, was a racist. Jefferson was a slave owner. JFK authorized assassination attempts on Castro, and colluded in the murder of Ngo Diem. Washington owned slaves. Teddy Roosevelt was an aggressive imperialist (just ask everyone south of the Rio Grande). Lyndon Johnson wrecked his own presidency on the Vietnam War.

    At this point, I’ll settle for a good president as opposed to a perfect president. I don’t like Obama continuing Bush-Cheney secrecy and security policy. I really object to his refusal to investigate Cheney-Bush abuses of power and human rights. My feelings about the Afghanistan War are at best ambivalent.
    But then, I really like winning for once, and we American lefties are too used to losing. Our right wing adversaries are delighted to see us stand and perish on principle.

    As my friend David Kaplan observed, in the USA, the left got tenure while the right got power.