From Lois Keen:

I ask the prayers of this community of life for healing for myself. Took a dreadful fall 8 a.m. Easter Day. Spent the day in the Emergency Room. Was made sick by the pain killer they gave me - blood pressure dropped to where they were happy when it went up to 90 over 50. Badly banged up, especially left knee and right shoulder and arm which are virtually useless right now.

There is a retired Haitian Episcopal priest who comes to Grace when he is in town. He just happened to be in town Sunday and when he heard the announcement that I wouldn't be there, he graciously took the service. So thanksgivings for that little Easter miracle please. Thanks for all of you.


Posted by Father Kenny at RECTOR'S RAMBLINGS:

Church full to breaking point... I think we (just) managed to seat everyone, two baptisms, music group supplemented by new members (our teenagers are growing up and, hey, they're musical), almost 200 Easter eggs given away, and a tremendous joy about the place.

Sitting in the midst of this, unable to take it all in, unable to cope with it all, sits a bent, yet compelling, figure. He is old now and confused, his complexion as grey as his hair. Memories of happy Easter Days roll around his mind, when his beloved wife was alive, when he had energy, when he could think clearly. The days before dementia and the Care Home. He is confused at Communion time. He will not, or cannot get up to the communion rail to receive the Risen Christ in the Sacrament, for he is unsure of what is going on. Then his son, for it is my father we're talking of here, brings the Bread to his seat. "The Body of Christ, the Bread of Heaven", I say, and place it into tired hands. He grips my hand like a vice, wordlessly making contact, trying to articulate this unbreakable bond, between father and son, between Jesus and himself. And in this man, who is in the Good Friday of his life, I hear Jesus Himself, crying out for resurrection.


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THE PRAYER LIST — 7 Comments

  1. Prayers ascending. Lois, you take some time and heal — hear? I know you clergy types and this is not a time to jump back to work.


  2. Healing to Rev Lois, strength to Fr Kenny.

    A bright Bright Week to all—Alleluia, He is risen!

  3. Prayers headed to Lois and Fr. Kenny and his dad.

    Speaking of falling, please pray for my mom. She had both knees replaced back in October, and has gone through many months of arduous physical therapy. One knee, however, is not working correctly, and because of this she fell about a week ago, hurting her back to the point of nearly being unable to move. She is trying to find a doctor, but may have to travel from her small city in MA to Boston in order to find a specialist. The past year has been full of physical pain for her. We had so hoped the knee replacements would give her a new lease on the enjoyment of life. She is 74 and, judging by her mother’s longevity, she has many good years left. Now it seems she must wait longer and suffer more pain before she is fully mobile again. At the same time, we praise God that she lives in a country where she can indeed get the knee replacements instead of being crippled for life by arthritis. We are also thankful she has health care coverage (those “scary” “socialized” Medicare benefits) so she and my dad won’t be bankrupted by her ailments.