Melbourne Lord Mayor, Robert Doyle, has slammed a city nightclub as 'disrespectful' for using an image of Jesus on the Cross to promote an Easter event. He branded the advertisement "cheap, tacky, offensive, unnecessary, disrespectful and thoughtless".

"You feel like saying to these people 'grow up'," he said.

Catholic Bishop Christopher Prowse said the ad, published in a Melbourne street magazine, was "a real cheap shot" on a "day like no other" on the Christian calendar.

COMMENT: "A day like no other"? Oh good - young, teenage, church-going, Catholics deserve a day off occasionally, like everybody else.


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  1. At least they picked a sexy looking Jesus.

    That’s what I love about Catholic bishops, their public outrage just means free publicity for the party planners and enhances their street creds. The thought police are outraged, which means it must be one bitchin’ blowout.

    WV = fyingsph, a Welsh village?

  2. I don’t know anything about Melbourne Lord Mayor Robert Doyle (it’s me home town, but I haven’t lived there for a while), but apparently he got elected on the back of promises that he would rid the city of “bogans” (that would be the Oz word for “chavs”) and “untalented buskers”, which he has failed to do, apparently. So maybe that’s why he’s reacted badly to this poster – because he’s in a bad mood anyway.