"I have no authority whatsoever to speak for my Church, nor would I presume to do so. But as an Episcopal priest, I call on my ecclesiastical superiors to make a special overture to Roman Catholics who are disgruntled by the pedophilia scandals in the Catholic Church; scandals that increasingly point to the complicity of the man in charge of the Vatican, Benedict XVI."

Read the rest of the Reverend Randall Balmer's rousing call to action at RELIGION DISPATCHES - it'll make you feel good.



  1. I am to be received into the Anglican Church on Pentecost Sunday after a working for the RC Church for over 25 years. For many years, I lived in fear of a few verbally abusive priests who were my employers. Having retired, I finally plucked up the courage to leave the corrupt institution which is the RC Church. It is incapable of reforming itself.

  2. We pray you will find joy and contentment in your new communion, RR. However, it is always sad when anybody has to leave one home for another, especially when it is partly due to negative reasons.

    But do bear in mind, RR. Although you may be joining the Anglican communion you don’t have to turn your back on the faith of your past. In fact, the Anglican Communion will only be better for what you bring into it.

  3. I was recieved 3 years ago from the Church of Rome, the swim across the Tiber was refreshing and the liturgy here is much more catholic than the other side. And the music is MUCH nicer. It DOES seem rather odd having the straight chap up front and gays in the pews, quite backwards from what I was used to. But it seems to work quite well. I’m surprised the Church of Rome doesn’t experiment with heterosexual Priests, but I suppose they do have tradition to uphold.

  4. The Chair of my dissertation defense committee {said JCF smugly—and he hadn’t yet Pisky’d yet, I believe. See, it was all my doing! Woot!}

  5. Dear MP

    Thanks for your kind words. I waited 18 months to let my anger subside and to ensure that my primary motivation in moving to Canterbury is not a negative one.

    I agree with Wade – I’ve found Anglican liturgy to be much more reverential than the often hasty Roman equivalent , and the music at my local Anglican Church is sublime