I've always considered myself to have good gifts of discernment. But today I discovered something that proves that even a perceptive blogger like myself can be easily fooled by the disingenuous forces of revisionist evil that have infiltrated even the most august and ancient bastions of British society.

You see, I had Our Ruth down as a free-thinking, but loyal, member of the high and dry party of the Church of England - as someone who was at home in the spikey shrine churches of West End Anglo-Catholicism or drinking G & Ts with archdeacons on the immaculately kept lawns of Barsetshire.

How wrong can a humble, blogging priest be?

Thanks to Rory Leishman, and his revelatory article at THE LONDON FREE PRESS website, I now discover that Ruth Gledhill is "the ever so progressive religion correspondent for The Times," and that, "Among the culprits most responsible for the scandalous increase of sexual abuse within the churches are theological liberals like Gledhill and Liddle."

So there you have it. The sexual abuse of children by the Roman Catholic priesthood has nothing to do with paedophilia or celibacy. It is, in stead, all down to the demonic writings of former "Come Dancing" champion and bastard progeny of an unholy coupling between Bishop David Jenkins and Lilith, Our Ruth of The London Times.

We have all been fooled. Once again we have been duped big time by teh gay, liberal agenda.



  1. Oh thank goodness! I was having such a difficult time wrapping my head around the celibacy-abuse connection. Blaming the liberals is ever so much easier.

  2. (w/ apologies to late Sen. Lloyd Bensen)

    I knew theological liberals. Theological liberals were friends of mine.

    Ms Gledhill, you’re no theological liberal.


    I really dislike “New” St Peter’s (Sorry, Counterlight). However, when the current management goes under soon, I suppose we’ll have to take it over—teach the folk there how to be CATHOLIC, as opposed to the Popoid dreck they been practicing for the past few centuries or more. Whaddaya think, MP—up for a HUGE pastoral challenge?! ;-D

  3. MP, I knew that Ruth was none of that when there were published photos back during Lambeth ’08 of her riding up on a bicycle with a crash helmet to attend Giles Fraser’s old church in Putney to see/hear +Gene.