1. His holiness celebrates the beatification of those who were washed in the strawberries of the lamb.

  2. Are they going to take over MY church too?

    (and I’d like to add that I marched with MLK — just to, maybe, defuse charges of racism)

  3. What are we celebrating this week!? Pink is taking it a bit too far in my opinion…”oh, hello madam of course I am for women!”

  4. B16: “Pink and Dark Brown: reminds me of Baskin-Robbins Ice Cream. Can I have a lick?”

  5. “If I have to wear this Lily the Pink drag much longer, we’ll all need some medicinal compound!”

  6. Fourth Sunday in Lent, not third.

    Now I know why St. James’ Anglican in Vancouver, BC, has ugly Pepto Bismol pink instead of a beautiful rose for vestments used on Advent 3 and Lent 4. Their Anglo-Catholicism has been taken too seriously.

    No one with truly Anglican sensibilities would ever use Pepto Bismol pink for robes. It just isn’t civilized.