From CNN:

Amnesty International is calling on Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah to stop the execution of Ali Hussain Sibat, former host of a popular call-in show that aired on Sheherazade, a Beirut based satellite TV channel. According to his lawyer, Sibat, who is 48 and has five children, would predict the future on his show and give out advice to his audience. Ali Hussain Sibat was arrested by Saudi Arabia's religious police while visiting the country in May 2008 to perform the Umra. In November 2009, a court in the Saudi city of Medina found Sibat guilty of sorcery and sentenced him to death.

The judges in Medina issued a statement expressing that Sibat deserved to be executed for having continually practiced black magic on his show, adding that this sentence would deter others from practicing sorcery.

COMMENT: Even by the standards of the Saudi legal system this ridiculous sentence should be reversed immediately. The worst offence that Sibat can be logically accused of is pretending to practice sorcery. That is, unless he actually did correctly predict the future. In which case the Saudi princes should make him their minister of finance.

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  1. Why would ANYONE not cursed to be a born&raised resident of Saudi, EVER visit there, ever again?!

    The chances that even the most fundy Wahabist Muslim living in the West has committed something head-lop-offable by Saudi standards is too great—nevermind everybody else! >:-O