CoGS prepares resolutions for General Synod 2010

CoGS members heard a report on the Anglican Communion Covenant from two members of the Covenant Design Group: Dr. Eileen Scully, interim director of the Faith, Worship and Ministry department at the national office of the Anglican Church of Canada; and Dr. Katherine Grieb from the Virginia Theological Seminary.

The fourth section of the covenant looks at how the provinces relate to one another and resolve disputes. Although this section has been approved by the Standing Committee of the Anglican Consultative Council and sent out to the provinces for consideration, it has raised concerns for some.

Bishop Michael Ingham of the diocese of New Westminster gave notice that the Covenant “will not assist the churches to grow together in unity.” He said his diocesan council expressed concern that the Covenant could be used in a punitive way against member churches who have taken actions to which other provinces object. Some churches in the diocese of New Westminster have been authorized to bless same-sex unions since 2003,

The bishop said the diocese of New Westminster intends to call “on the wider church to undertake a comprehensive consultation on the implications of this proposed covenant... so the church as a whole may make an informed decision concerning its adoption.”

Scully added that the diocese’s response fits well with a motion that Faith, Worship and Ministry intends to present to General Synod 2010 on the need for a time of deep consultation and study. CoGS decided to send the Covenant to General Synod for consideration, but followed the lead of the House of Bishops in not recommending the Covenant for adoption.

COMMENT: You have to hand it to the Canadians - they sure know how to play the game. At this rate, by the time the Anglican Communion gets to actually vote for or against this bloody covenant everybody will be far more worried about the imminent prospect of the sun turning into a red giant (don't panic, Fluffy Snuggles - that won't happen for another 5 billion years).



  1. Eileen should start panicking: The increased temperature of the sun will boil away all the water in a mere billion years, and we won’t any longer be able to drink Bovril.