1. this is vile. this is the lowest that you have ever sunk. A little part of me died listening to that. And you offer no time off of purgatory, either. Must go wash my ears out.

  2. nice bit of Rossini.

    I got into a hell of a lot of trouble at school for insisting on singing this with a friend of mine round the piano in the music department. Not surprisingly, in retrospect.

    Dennis, it’s really a bit of fun, you know.

  3. Two wonderful sopranos did this last year as an encore during a recital at our church–complete with all the appropriate gestures. It was cute to the max and a fine light ending to a more serious program. Rossini obviously was a keen observer of late night cats socializing over the backyard fence.

    wv: gatties
    pretty close in some languages

  4. I giggled my way through this! I never would have imagined this in my wildest dreams – where did you find this!

  5. Cathy: my comments were meant to be in fun, too. I assumed that after 3 years of posting around here everyone would know that I was having a laugh.

  6. oh! this was lovely. i have a version done by Hinge and Bracket but i’ve never heard this one before. thanks for starting my friday off in such a delightful way!

  7. Dennis: is OK, I do know that. my comments about it being in fun were in fun cos I knew you meant it in fun.

  8. I’m not so sure that Dennis is telling the truth. It has been known for him to be a bit grumpy at times, especially if the bottle of wine he has just opened is corked.

  9. It turns out loads of people on OCICBW have sung this duet. (That can’t often happen with the music MP posts, surely?)

    I still reckon the best version of all time ever was the one performed by me and my dastardly school mate Carolyn “Gorilla” Merrett, which I’m now wishing people could have heard.

  10. A former Headteacher I worked for used to sing this with his Deputy at school reviews. He used to be a professional baritone, and she used to be a professional soprano. It works quite nicely with the two lines an octave apart!

  11. Kinda reminds me of what I hear from the back seat when I’m porting Spots and Phoebe to or from my boyfriend’s house. For the entire hour it takes to do the drive.