This is a long clip and you will probably get bored very quickly.

But, when you do, fast forward to near the end and the last
person to go forward to testify. I don't have the experience or
knowledge to comment on this sort of thing although, as usual,
I would like to see the pastor's bank statements as I think they
will show the veracity of what is going on one way or the other.

Thanks to Freedom Bound who sent this in to MadPriest

Towers and who received a great, personal blessing from
watching it. Yes, you guessed right - he fancies the worship
leader something rotten.



  1. The girl’s spine was stuffed, doc’s did say
    She saw quacks all the time, and did pray
    But a little “hokey pokey”
    And it’s all okey dokey
    Though she now has a bub on the way

  2. I particularly like the reactions of the keyboard player in the background at around 4:27 and again at 6:48 – really full of the spirit?

  3. The curvature of her back still looks like scoliosis (sp?) I wonder if endorphins have kicked in. If so the effect would be temporary.

  4. Tent revivalist never left America. This, amongst others, is probably a very good reason we americans are on the slide.

  5. How much does the man singing sounds like George Michael???!!!! If he and the lady on his left would care to meet me at Bishop Quinine’s favorite glory-hole they’ll both be more than welcome to put their whole self in and shake it all about.

    And Newlin – all of us St. Onuphrius much appreciate you drawing our attention to the keyboard player: it seems that no matter the context, organists are the same everywhere!

  6. I truly don’t know how I feel about this. In the Episcopal Church I attend, following the Thursday Evening Mass, we have a healing service that is complete with prayers for the person in need of healing, laying on of hands and the use of Chrism. While not exactly the Holy Ghost Hokey Pokey, there are probably some who would think of it as the Holy Spirit Hocus Pocus. All the same, there have definitely been individuals who have participated in this service who have received true healing; some actually became cured. (Please note, I do not believe that these are necessarily the same thing.) Nevertheless, even though I do not understand it, I hesitate to dismiss, out of hand, the healing power of something, even if I do not understand it, such as was captured in the video.