BLOG-A-DOG — 7 Comments

  1. The Wiener could do that — in his dreams.

    Prayers for jake The Wiener are requested. He’s off to the doc, hopefully tomorrow for some kind of cyst on his left, front paw, making walking very difficult. He stops, looks at me, and actually twirls his paw — It’s too sad. My partner handles any Jake distress very, very poorly (I think that’s a veiled request for me.).

  2. That is a great commercial! And the best part is you know what they’re selling! (Some of the cutest commercials are cute – but it’s hard to remember what they were advertising.)

  3. I subtitled this “Why They Love Us”. 😉

    [You know those recordings where they have dogs barking out Christmas carols? I’d like to hear them do (from Oliver!) “Food, Glorious Food” *LOL*]

  4. Even though I am a cat-loving interloper here, I have to say that this is a fantastic piece of film – and a wonderful reminder of the beauty of creation. Thanks for posting it, MP!