Last year OCICBW... highlighted the plight of Southampton University chaplain, Simon Stevens, who faced redundancy because of Bishop NoseOutOf-Joynt's downsizing policy. Many of you visited Simon's blog and left him messages of support.

And good on you, because the overwhelming support Simon received from the blogosphere merged with the overwhelming support of his students for both himself and a permanent chaplaincy and has led to the formation of a organised campaign which is well on its way to raising the money needed to continue Simon's ministry at the university. It also appears, as is often the case in such situations as this, to have embarrassed the powers that be in Winchester Diocese, into jumping onto the bandwagon and actually trying to do something themselves to save the chaplaincy.

If Simon is anything like me, he will be on cloud nine at the moment. The support of friends and strangers makes mere trivialities, like unemployment and homelessness, so less frightening than when they are faced alone.

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  1. good for Southampton students for fighting the good fight!! It warms the heart towards them. I hope the Diocese has got the message. How, when the average age of those attending Anglican churches is now getting on, can they possibly have thought it was a good idea to remove an Anglican priest from a university??? Surely supporting younger people is totally in the Church of England’s interests?

  2. MP, this is an encouraging post. I was one of those who followed your link and found ‘Yellow’s’ as he styles himself blog and the facebook page.

    I read his posts recently and he has managed to maintain a sense of humour and fortitude throughout – which I would expect from such a good Priest and Chaplain.

    Hopefully our Prayers will be answered with the maintenance of the chaplaincy long term.

    Ministry such as his must not be lost through penny pinching.

  3. That kind of support is the priceless gift and it can buoy a person up so much!

    Let’s pray that it is enough to encourage something permanent for Simon at the university! My prayers are with him!

  4. If the CoE does not support its campus ministry, they might as well kiss their entire future good-bye. Where do they think their future church leaders, lay and clerics alike, come from? More than likely they just don’t give it much thought at all, do they?

    vw: preordic

  5. I too found out because of your link so thanks MP. I was part of Southampton chaplaincy 28 years ago and it was the most formative time of life. If it had not been for the chaplains there I doubt very much I would be doing the best job in the world now.