I love the accused's response at the end of this extract:


Two South Australian Anglican bishops have brought formal charges of disgraceful and scandalous behaviour against a third, claiming that he tried to stack his diocesan council to get a $1 million payout and that he protected and promoted a senior priest accused of sexual abuse.

In a nine-count charge lodged with the church's Special Tribunal, Bishop Ross Davies of The Murray diocese in Murray Bridge is alleged to have taken a year's sick leave without ever providing evidence of ill-health and dodged his duties as a bishop.

The claims, brought by Adelaide archbishop Jeff Driver and Willochra bishop Garry Weatherill, say Bishop Davies lives outside his diocese and worships at a Catholic church in Adelaide while still being paid, that he has publicly claimed the Anglican Church of Australia is not a true Christian church, and that he took part in consecrating a dissident bishop against church rules.

In his diocese he licensed as Anglican clergy two bishops of the dissident Traditional Anglican Communion, which split from the Anglican church after it ordained women in 1992.

Bishop Davies said he would defend the charges. ''I don't think I've done anything that deserves me to be ejected from office,'' he said.



  1. gosh, a bishop and he needs remedial grammar lessons! Honest to God…

    and the wv is, wait for it, all you catholic minded ones, “consubst” – an abreviation!

  2. Theft, failure to obey canons, abandoning his people and worshiping in another denomination? No big deal. ;;sigh;; No problem, it is not like he treated women fairly or something really bad!


  3. Sounds like a real winner! I’d love to be a fly on the wall at his “trial.” He could learn some proper English, before he goes before the public, though.

  4. But surely if he’s managed all that without getting caught or hauled up before this, he done actually deserved being gotten a medal of some kind? In fact I’m sure the other two bishops are just jealous because they can’t muster up the same level of sheer class.

  5. To be fair (much as I hate to be ;-), his statement at the end is idiomatically typical of rural Australian. English isn’t exactly a second language in these parts, but…

    FWIW, when I first visited Yorkshire people couldn’t understand me either, and kept asking me to speak English

  6. I’ve got a truly dirty rejoinder (to “Bishop” Davies), which I can’t quite justify (apart from its being dirty). Life is Unfair.