The Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) has called for a complete ban on condom ads in the country. In a statement, CBCP President Nereo Odchimar said the condom business is a "multimillion dollar industry that heavily targets the adolescent market, at the expense of morality and family life."

"Condom advertisements should be banned in television, radio, movies, newspapers, magazines, and public places, as they desensitise the youth's delicate conscience and weaken their moral fibre as future parents," Odchimar said in a statement on the CBCP website.

He said condoms should be required to have warning labels that say "Condoms may fail to protect from AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases."

When they say that condom promotes safe sex, it also promotes contra-human values ... and in fact it even also promotes the AIDS virus," Archbishop Oscar Cruz said in an interview with ABS-CBN News.

COMMENT: Of course, the bishops are right as usual. We all know that before condoms became readily available over the counter nobody had sex before marriage. In particular, young men were just not interested in such unnatural activities back then. They preferred to stay at home assembling their Airfix model kits and reading books on the daring exploits of missionaries and explorers. OCICBW... is convinced that the governments of the world are in cahoots with the condom manufacturers. It is obvious that all the reports showing a massive reduction in the number of people contacting H.I.V. after the safe sex campaigns of the 1980s were the invention of commie infiltrators and probably had something to do with the jews, as well. The truth is that the condom companies are deliberately tricking us all into catching AIDS so that we all die and they don't make anymore money.



  1. I don’t remember us ever worrying about condoms before they put fluoride in our water supply.

  2. If the condom packages are large enough we could have the manufacturers put on this warning: “Use of condoms will twit the “moral” sensibilities of the priests who are buggering your children.”