AND JESUS WEPT — 12 Comments

  1. And here’s one of the biggest problems with this: now that CC has said they won’t extend bennies to the spouses of ANY new employees, gay OR straight, what’s to say that other denominations won’t follow suit?

    Look, peeps, I swear – sometimes I think the best way to follow Jesus is to stay away from all churches at all times in all places.

  2. Sometimes I do wonder if they do things like this to get the straights to say to the gays: “if it wasn’t for YOU PEOPLE, we’d have our bennies!”

    You know…that whole “divide and conquer” idea, which *always works.*

  3. Of course it is, Tracie. That’s part and parcel. Look at how those EEEEEVVVVViiiiiillllll homos are ruining it for everyone!

    and think of the children!

  4. That’s Georg, Benny’s boyfriend, Mike.

    [Whom, you can best believe, gets the absolute BEST health care EVER!]

  5. In Matthew, aren’t we told to “heal the sick”? Since we (and presumably those at the Vatican) aren’t medical professionals, providing benefits is our way of fulfilling that commandment.