1. “Item number 347 — one umbrella sword, early twentieth century. The minimum is two hundred pounds! What am I bid?”

    wv = endings
    (a short auction)

  2. I vote for Clumber.

    I don’t vote for themethatisme, not because it isn’t on target — +Rowan might very well think that — but he wouldn’t be able to say it in less than a full paragraph.

  3. I vote for themethatisme, though I think WSJM is right that ++Rowan couldn’t say it in anything less than a paragraph.

    Keep up the good work +Hagger!

  4. ++Rowan opens the local Sunday School picnic.

    (He’s up to page 9. “Now I know you’re all just dying to get into those wonderful chocolate crackles but before you do that, let me tell you a little bit about the history of the chocolate crackle…”

  5. What am I bid for one “Church of England”, slightly used?

    I hear tuppence—anyone for three?

  6. “Now, ECUSA, according to my seating chart, you don’t get to join us anymore, because you openly acknowledge you have poof priests. You’ll want to go back down the hall and to the left to pray with the Unitarians.”

    You know that’s what he really wants to say…

  7. I agree with JSP/OSL, that our ++Katharine needs an alternate set of vestments. It’s like wearing the same gown to every party one goes to. Every consecration she does, she’s wearing the same set over and over again.