Cats have no need for a god. They have humans to blame.

I wish I could get it into Henry's head that I am not responsible for the fact that it is snowing (raining/cold/there are other cats in the world etc. etc.). Neither do I know where the switch is to turn it off. And I certainly don't deserve THAT LOOK from him when I open the back door on his demand and the environmental conditions are not quite up to his high expectations.

You know, Dicky Dorkins should get himself a cat. He might then understand how God feels with having to put up with his constant "Why didn't God stop the earthquake in Haiti" type carping.



  1. … cats have got to keep their humans on their toes somehow. The Look is one of the more effective weapons in their arsenal.

  2. I always think of cats’ relationships to humans and theology in the terms of the comment variously attributed to Churchill or several others:

    Dogs have masters to love, defend and obey. Cats have staff.


  3. Just think how effctive that ‘look’ is, it is powerful enough to cause u to blog about it!
    And, as the owner of Border Collies, you must be aware that the collies use their powerful stare to whip the sheep into shape.
    Jock, my last collie, had a stare that would cause me to cringe when he was displeased! When annoyed, he would approach me and stand and stare until I moved or did what he wanted. And humans call themselves the ‘Master’!!! Ha!!

  4. My cat (Spike) only allows petting on it’s terms most assuredly! and I wonder at times isn’t it just how we demand attention form the Deity most of the time! God is not all powerful. She cannot violate her own laws. She is however all-loving, all compassionate and that is what gives me comfort. She is ever present in all such situations, and even the more mundane daily struggles most in the world go through. She demands our response in cases of need and injustice etc. that is our command.

  5. And if it’s raining at the back door, does Henry run to the front door and ask to be let out there? I’ve had cats who would do that and then become furious with me when it was raining outside BOTH doors!

    My chocolate lab, Tara, has “the look” down pat. I’m now well trained. When she turns that stare on, I figure out what she wants and I do it quickly. So funny!

  6. Cats take us at our word. We pretend to be in charge of everything. They challenge us to prove it, and that we can’t. At which time they blink knowingly, flick their tails, and concern themselves with other things with the disdain of “I could have told you…!”