Well if the Italians can drag bits of poor, old Saint Thérèse around the British Isles I can't see any reason why we shouldn't join in:


Two questions:

1) Whose head is it?

2) Will it be on a platter?



  1. You’re very clever, MP. Also, you can lift a German Shepherd over your head, thus rescuing your dog Glenna and Mrs MadPriest from almost certain doom. That makes you like King Kong, only better.

    (I hope that helps.)

  2. Are they taking nominations on which Anglican head goes touring? I can think of several I would put forward.

    You cannot simply put it on a platter. There must be appropriate garnish. Presentation is so important.

    Yes, MP, you are very clever.

  3. No Anglican heads at St. Mark’s in Seattle this weekend, but the Middle East was forefront as we hosted a justice conference including Naim Ateek. This morning’s sermon was given by Mark Braverman (markbraverman.org), one of the most amazing homilies given by a non-Christian (But “non” by not much — as a practicing Jew, he demonstrates keen insight into a covenant that is not bound to land.) I have ever heard. That, in addition to the sung Great Litany made for a most amazing, and blessed, first Sunday of Lent.

  4. That bit about King Kong I wrote above sounds so much more glib than I meant it to. It was a fine, brave, and good deed on the part of MP. That’s wot I was trying to say.

  5. then there’s the caption over at The Lead:
    “On the Jordan, ABC Williams lays a church cornerstone” – I do wish people would watch their headlines, especially if some see the church’s job to be watching everyone’s morals and making sure we clergy don’t say or write naughty things. How am I supposed to keep it clean here on the public blog when The Lead can’t police its own entendres doubles.

    (Okay, I’ll go make a cuppa now, since I’m becoming boring to myself.)

    wv=topond, as in “topond or not topond…)

  6. Lois Keen. Please pay attention. I ran the “laying cornerstone” as a headline of the day further down the blog somewhere.

    Really! Am I the sort of person to miss such an easy opportunity to poke fun?

  7. Mea culpa. Mine is only a mere female brain, and an aged on eat that, good only for causing single handed the decline of the churches worldwide. Also I’m too bone idle to link through to The Lead post on same. So no wonder I missed your headline. And I thought I was so clever!

    o God, if you could see the word verification – I’ll never get it on the first try!