1. I think the photos are beautiful. I also wish we humans would stop using sex to sell stuff. On the third hand, I’m sickened by the horror expressed by puritans at the very sight of a nude or partially nude human body when portrayed publicly in art. The photos are art. Too bad their art has been commercialized. But they are tasteful. No foul here.

    written by the
    “cratic” (as in cracked critic – heh heh heh! I love word verification.)

  2. “Mum, I saw this poster, I think I’ll become a lesbian” is about as likely as “Mum, I saw this poster, I think I’ll become post-gay”.

    Oh, I SO long for the day when these people show signs of logical thinking.

  3.      For me personally, I am getting so sick of heterosexuality getting pushed on me with Valentine’s Day coming – I’m not joking. Because the majority of folks are straight, I don’t think they realize how much it is pushed on every street corner, and these folks are upset about two hug pics in a corner window?! If advertising really converts there would be no one who is gay, trust me. If you turn on any TV now, you can hardly avoid commercials about Valentine’s Day that don’t have women in lingerie posing in them.

         I do Weight Watchers for Men online (doing nicely, thank you for asking), and they have articles of interest that appear front and center when you log in. For the past few days, I am treated to a huge splash telling me to click to find out “Learn How to WOW your lady!” It’s backed by a gauzy shot of a guy and a woman clearly getting way too friendly in a public restaurant – something I’d get my teeth kicked in for doing in public with a male date. The article is basically about how to go out to a restaurant without blowing your diet, and not ruining her diet by forcing chocolates on her. Not bad ideas, but just the assumption of the company that all men who pay for their weight loss services are straight and are only thinking about how to “WOW” their lady is just galling.

         OK, I feel better. Thank you for letting me rant, MP.

  4. “Mum, I saw this poster, I think I’ll become a lesbian”

    Erika, isn’t this what happened to you?…

    (wv – defycler – is this someone who commits a sex act while recycling?)

  5. Erika, isn’t this what happened to you?…

    Actually, if my memory serves me right, Erika told me she borrowed “The Ladybird Book of How To Be A Lesbian” from her local children’s library when she was five years old.

  6. Mr. Cosby thinks this is “soft porn”? One suspects that he has been looking at the hard stuff for so long that he doesn’t remember what “soft” is.

  7. You know what offends me? Like Rick+, it’s all those pictures of boys kissing girls. Doesn’t that spread girl cooties?

  8. Quite right, KJ. Let’s have more pictures (vids if poss.) of girls kissing girls. That’s what I say, and I’m sure David and JCF will agree with me -and we’re proper men (well, JCF is a proper man sometimes, it depends on her mood).

  9. Not ‘promoting’ so much as recognizing.
    It’s just real, folks! Get over your phobic selves.

    And as for the WW thing from Rick+. . . I find being referred to as a ‘Lady’ very demeaning, especially when speaking of how to ‘WOW’ me. I blame that whole ‘lady’ thing on Kenny Rogers.

  10. “Lady” is an English word. We are slightly uncomfortable using “woman” when we are talking about or talking to a woman, especially one we know and like. Perhaps English men have used it too aggressively, too often in the past. You will notice I use it as a mildly cross word as in: MadPriest to Mimi – “Shut up, woman!”

    But, as you don’t like “lady”, Susie Sue, I’ll remember to to refer to you as a “chick” from now on.

  11. Well, it’s especially annoying when I hear some one introduced at a party with the sentence “I’d like you to meet my lady, Irene.” (I use Irene as an example only.) Why can’t they just say friend? Is that not explicit enough? I don’t know why it bothers me so much. Oh yes, I do. It’s just so smarmy.

  12. As I said, Susie Sue, it’s a refined English word and so I can imagine it doesn’t sound quite right when spoken with a less refined, colonial drawl.

  13. Oh, Susan, lady is absolutely fine over here. Woman is coarse, you really couldn’t say it.
    “Say thank you to the lady” is what every mother tells her child when a kind woman has picked up a dropped toy, for example.
    Anything else would be unthinkable.

  14. It’s not the English take on ‘Lady’ that bothers me, Erika, and it’s not the mother telling her child to thank the lady. . . Maybe it’s only in America. It’s a smarmy use of the word by men who use the word ‘lady,’ to refer to their current ‘squeeze’, who may not be their ‘squeeze’ next week, but using it may get them in bed with her again tonight, sort of use that really gets me.
    Maybe I’m too old, or too opinionated, or both, but it just strikes me as demeaning. And when Rick+ mentioned it being used in advertising Weight Watchers for Men, it just made me mad all over.

    So now that it has been thoroughly gone over, I will not try to explain it any further.

  15. Well, it’s especially annoying when I hear some one introduced at a party with the sentence “I’d like you to meet my lady, Irene.”

    The term lady is incredibly annoying when it is used to mean “the person I am shagging/married to”. It is smarmy, as Susan S says. It is meant to imply respect, but without fail it rings completely false. English people use the word differently, to mean someone they don’t know so well. They would never use the word “lady” to mean their actual wife or girlfriend. They would say “partner”. Or “bird”. Or “squeeze”. Or even “woman”.

  16. When someone says “This is my lady”, meaning their squeeze, the nuance is: “I put this woman on a pedestal, me, and the reason I do that is because she has class, and the reason she has class is I have class, so only women with class go out with me.” In other words, the man is trying to make a point about himself. Which makes you think: “Yeah, but none of that is actually true, is it.”

  17. Did you not get what I said was my final statement on the matter, MP?

    Well, I have one more… that would be “yo, bitch” if your American friends were speaking *to* the person in question, and “my bitch,’ if introducing her to others.

  18. Since hearing your sermon, Dear MP, I can now only hear you saying ‘ain’t’ with a Peter Wimsey accent, and he would never use ‘them’ in that sentence …

  19. JCF will agree with me -and we’re proper men (well, JCF is a proper man sometimes, it depends on her mood).

    I’m always a proper man . . . and ergo, it means I can bitch-slap you like a proper queen, Crazy Arse (and I’m sure KJ, Dahveed, Dennis, Renz and Rick+ will agree w/ me!)



    On-topic: 230K Haitians have lost their lives, and Too Many Fat White Gringos can’t get them…

  20.      “That’s no lady, that’s my wife!” – Henny Youngman

         Someone had to say it. I thought it best if we just gritted our collective teeth and got it out of the way.

  21. Well, Susan and I often use lady when referring to each other in public. She’s not my partner, I have those in business. I can’t easily call her my wife, I hate civil partner and as for girl-friend – well!

  22. Erika – why don’t you like “girlfriend”? Does it sound vaguely uncommitted and inadequate, given that your relationship is obviously well established?

    Just to modify what I said earlier, I can actually see that “lady” could be used to describe one’s squeeze, as long as it is used in the polite, faintly ironic way the English employ it. Non-ironically: no.

  23. Cathy, when it’s normal for a married man to describe his wife as his girfriend I’ll happy describe Susan as my girlfriend.

    MP, I’ll take that as a compliment.