Those of you who have been visiting OCICBW... for some time will know that my main musical love is real soul music. I don't post it much as my readers tend to be either rockists or they pretend that they like classical music. But I love soul music and, being English, I'm a real snob about it. This means I hate hip hop and what they call R&B nowadays. I find most dance music mechanical and sterile. Even house music, which did, at least, come out of the black soul and jazz traditions, usually bores me stiff. But there is a sub-genre of house music that I do like. It's called soul house (or soulful house) which uses the techniques and technology of house but then adds a heavy soulful element. This can be the inclusion of soulfully sung vocals and/or an underlying 70s or 80s soul vibe. I particularly like to listen to this music on my iPod when I am out walking the dogs. It puts a spring in my step.

Frank Giuliano Has Saxy Nite In Manhattan
- Underlounge Experience
Never - With Compliments
La plage - Art of Soul
Acid Rain (feat. Julia Clay) - Dariush


THE DVANT DISCO — 10 Comments

  1. MadPriest – keep posting soul music. We’re not all metal or string heads. I grew up on northern soul, crossover and modern soul – or whatever the latest term is nowadays – and I love soulful house. Soul music is exactly what it says it is – music made by those who had to go deep inside.
    Cadwch y Ffydd(Keep the Faith)

  2. Dammit! After nearly four years, somebody with taste comes out of the northern soul closet – and it has to be a Welshman! I don’t know, God and his sick sense of humour 🙂

    Give me a list of your favourite soul sides, then, Glyn.

  3. My favourites change from week to week but this is what I’ve been listening to recently.Basically it’s more mid-tempo stuff these days – my knees are knackered – but I still like the occasional dancer. Anyway, here goes: Garden of Eden-Entertainers 4, Just Because-Pat and the Blenders,Sitting in the Park-Billy Stewart,Confessing a Feeling-Sly Slick and Wicked,Can’t Get Over You-Donny Elbert,Look Over Your Shoulder-The Escorts,Make My Dreams a Reality-GQ,Holding On-NewWay,Hey Love-Stevie Wonder,Run Away From You-Tami Lynn,Put a Smile on Time-Rhythm Machine,Difficult-Lil Louis,Devotion-Groove Junkies,and – just for you MadPriest – a Baby Washington cut,That’s How Heartaches Are Made.

    Dymuniadau Gorau(Best wishes)

  4. dammit, I was really looking forward to being told off for my comment!!

    ah well, lucky I’m a loud Aussie, and am not even slightly fazed by being loftily ignored

  5. Cathy, the rest of us don’t ignore you, but you seem to think that Charles Villiers Stanford was a “fad”, and I cannot accede to that.

    Not to mention Howells and Britten.

    But then I am a choral guy rather than orchestral.

    wv = matha
    (Ainsworth: she used to sing in my choir)

  6. Charlie Stanfad actually sounds like quite a cool name, though.

    Which he wasn’t. Cool, I mean.

    Even slightly.

    wv – losesiou. (thinks: have I lost someone’s IOU?)