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  1. The Scene:
    December 22, 1981, at the office of a large multi-national corporation.
    8:00 a.m.: Supervisors and managers begin escorting the first of 150 workers to the Personnel Office (now Human Resources—ugh)
    8:15 a.m.: His security ID is taken from him. The exit interview is finished; the worker is escorted to the exit door. He is told that his personal possessions will be gathered, boxed, and sent to him.
    8:20 a.m.: The man has no choice, he goes to his car and drives home.
    8:20 a.m.: His heart is breaking; he had given the company 26 years of his life and talent. His work record had been excellent. What could he tell his wife and their two boys who suffer from Cystic Fibrosis?
    O my God wherefore art thou?

  2. Gosh, MadPriest. If I didn’t know you better, I’d think you were turning cynical.

    (Boaz, love it!)

    Gpa Don, who is your story about? It’s a familiar scene and has been repeated many, many times. But ths particular one sounds as if it’s personal.

  3. When you decide to switch brands of soap, do you arrange to continue paying the salaries of the old company’s soap maker? TEC did not lay off the workers. Had their employer who was not the church done its job, they would be re-assigned.

    I have not found a job for a year and frankly the bleeding heart crap is getting to me.


  4. I know, Jim. And your situation is as wrong as theirs. But, at least you have Christian friends who know it is wrong and don’t just talk about it being wrong.

    And for the record, I deliberately choose to buy soap from fair traded sources, which is more expensive. I try not to be too much of a hypocrite, although I expect I fail often.

  5. MP, on Jim’s side, the situation my not be as simple as you make it out to be – union or non-union. And the company who fired the workers bears part of the responsibility.

    What’s despicable is that the powers at 815 would not even speak to the people who lost their jobs or offer them anything in the way of a caring human touch, probably on the advice of lawyers. I’m afraid that lawyers are running the show in the church more often than I’d like.

    And I’ve said this before, but you, me, or anyone who has a bed to sleep in, a roof over our heads, and a toilet that flushes uses much more of the world’s resources than our share, and we are all hypocrites every single day.

    As Jim says, FWIW.

  6. Yes, Mimi. But that doesn’t mean we should stop trying to do our bit towards redeeming the world. And there were options, such as wage cuts among richer church workers and directly employing the cleaning staff, that were possible and would not have resulted in such pain.

    Bear in mind that your church has done this in the US. You can’t even rely on your state, funded by your contributions, to help ease the pain of these people because you have little communitarian spirit. So TEC is no different to the republican rednecks who shout “survival of the fittest.”

    And I don’t know why you are sticking up for this bunch of wretched bosses. I know full well that you are more than generous in the way you choose to live your life in relation to others and do not place financial considerations anywhere near the top of your “reasons to do stuff” list. So stop defending a system that you have railed against your whole life.

    One more chorus of “I’m a union maid” and then go and cook your poor husband’s lunch, woman!

  7. But that doesn’t mean we should stop trying to do our bit towards redeeming the world.

    Did I say that we should?

    The church went with another contractor. Human beings work for that contractor, too. I’m not defending the powers at 815. All I’m saying is that we may not know the whole story.

    I don’t cook. Tom does the cooking. You could take a lesson from him. I remember you moaning about having nothing to eat when your poor wife was ill for several days. It’s sad when a man can’t make his way in the kitchen to feed himself.

  8. Yes, along with MadPriest, I also buy Fair Trade soap and choose fair trade for as many other necessities as I can find – along wih recycled paper products, organic food, etc. And I will NEVER shop at Wal-Mart.

    I have a friend who told me rather defensively one time that SHE couldn’t afford to make those same choices. I replied, “You manage to afford a lot of things that I believe *I* can’t afford.”

    “Yes,” she answered. “And I’m not willing to deprive myself of those things.”

    Sigh. There’s the problem. Really.

  9. It’s sad when a man can’t make his way in the kitchen to feed himself.

    I’d be happy to help my wife with the cooking if only I could remember where the kitchen is. I now we’ve got one because I went in there on the day we moved in nine years ago.

  10. Mimi, I think the invention of the flush toilet was a fine thing in its day, but I suspect its time is pretty much past. It’s a criminal waste of water. And fertiliser.

    Unbelievably, my wv is: “cropo”.

    Maybe I’m talking cropo. It wouldn’t be a first.

  11. MP can heat water, make a cheese sandwich, and serve a glass of wine.

    Resume for his next job?

    [I know, MP: not funny. Just a little gallows humor, from a fellow-dangler…]