My apologies, I have switched on the word verification function. I know it's a pain, but we've all been getting a lot of spam recently and although I have rejected it before it got on the threads, it's still a right royal pain in the arse. Hopefully, this will just leave me with the stalkers who, even after months of comment moderation still send stuff in. But then they are mentally ill and, as I know too well from my own experience in the past, logic and common sense go to the wall when you are obsessing at full tilt.


BLOG NOTICE — 17 Comments

  1. Don’t blame you a bit. I had to do it on mine and it certainly cut down on the robospam. Now if I could just do it on the phone line. Happy Sunday.

  2. I’m keeping my comment moderation. I think it’s less hassle for readers and I get to it in a timely manner.

    I hardly ever look at the follower’s gadget but the other way I scrolled down to look at the sequence of the sidebar and noticed that the number had reached 108. Being curious about these things, I discovered that three so-called followers were linked to porn sites and one was a blogger advertisement. They were deleted but if this keeps up in a massive way, I’m going to get rid of that gadget. It’s really just a convenient way for people to bookmark your blog if they think they may like it.

  3. Thanks, PS. That hadn’t crossed my mind and so I checked my list of “followers.” Sure enough there was one porn link and also none other than The Multipersonality Troll (The Tulsa Stalker). I have blocked them both.

  4. Having nothing better to do, I run around the Anglican blogosphere dropping dopey little comments (like this one) all the time. I do not object to word verification (even though I often don’t get it right the first time!). I do not object to comment moderation. So do whatever you need to do, MP!

  5. I do not mind word moderation. It gets tedious though at some blogs where you have to keep interring them. Once should be sufficient, but at some blogs, if you preview you have to keep entering them over and over again. Not cool.

    Jay, demand that callers have Caller ID. My phones are configured to block the call and tell the caller that their call is rejected because there is no caller ID.

  6. I find word-verification instructive: It expands one’s vocabulary.

    Example just now in: semty = a junior-college version of seminary

  7. -acksypok- fristration caused by typing in today’s word verification wrongly. and blow me the characters i entered didn’t match the word verification so now I’ve causght sughti.

  8. That hadn’t crossed my mind and so I checked my list of “followers.” Sure enough there was one porn link

    They may of course have been following you for reasons involving the wish to receive spiritual edification, MP. Had you thought of that??

  9. at least we can laugh at the funny word verifications.

    Mine is “biblept” — I’m not sure what that might be, but it’s oddly appropriate for your site, MP