From Fran:

Please add the lovely Missy McKerroll (Missy's Big Fish Stories and St. Anne, Pray for Us blogs) to your prayer list if possible. On Wed. her car was totaled. Thank God she is ok, but this is more than just a minor inconvenience in Missy's life and we do love our Missy!!


Posted by SCG at WAKE UP AND LIVE:

Not-so-good news from Charlotte

This in from North Carolina last night:

I feel like I am back on the roller coaster, or better, that I am on the mat again. The pathology report came back. I wasn't going to call and ask. Had decided to wait until Friday when I could take it in and ask any questions but Dr. Albers called me. I could tell that it wasn't all sweetness and light. Everything is fine on the right side. Sentinel nodes were clear and the margins were clear. The left side was a different story. The sentinel nodes were clear but the margins were not. There is still non-invasiv​e cancer in the area where the tumor was taken out so I have to go back into surgery to have more taken so we can get clear margins. The conversatio​n happened so quickly that I didn't get the details but I did get that we need to operate again on the left and take care of what stayed behind. The surgery will be day surgery, again, with nothing else but in and out-no tests, mammos, x-rays, etc. I will be at Day Surgery on Friday, Feb. 12 and the surgery will be at 7:30 AM. I'll be the first one in this time so no waiting-I hope.

I have to say that I know this is not uncommon and I know several people who have had to go back into surgery to get clear margins. And, again, I know it will be alright. But it was a blow nonetheless.​ When I hear the nodes were clear, I assumed (and that is the danger) that everything else was fine. It is such a roller coaster, again. So, as Yogi Barra would say, "it ain't over til it's over" and it ain't over.

I know I'll be okay. It just feels as if the CA isn't giving up without a fight, a word I didn't want to use. Maybe it isn't the right word but at the moment that is what it feels like. I am committed to doing what I need to do to take care of all that needs my attention. That needs to be my priority.

Thanks for your continued thoughts and prayers. CDC

Ugh!! I hate cancer! And today is her 61st birthday, so that's not much of a present to get for such an occassion.


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I just got an e-mail to schedule an interview for a job. A change of venue would do wonders for my soul, as my current workplace is the cause of a great deal of my angst. Please continue to pray for me!


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I also ask prayers for Tad who is having surgery on his knees today and is a bit anxious.

Small change amid larger requests: I may be battling a cold one week before my big trip to Turkey and wish to beat it down under my feet before traveling.

UPDATE posted by Paul on his blog:

News of Tad's surgery:

I was just at the hospital keeping Karen company when the surgeon called to say Tad had come through surgery just fine and the he had been able to perform both knee replacements (there had been some doubt since Tad had come down with bronchitis over the weekend). Karen seemed vastly relieved, understandably.

I am sure she and Tad would value your continued prayers for his complete recovery.

Also, check out Paul's latest HEART THREAD for further important prayer requests.


From Terri C of PS 121 IS MY FRIEND:

Another tiny piece of change--I have broken a bone in my foot (falling in a church parking lot, Catholic no less, after the funeral of a co-worker!! I have only myself to blame for inattention. I wish I could blame the rather awful homily.)



Please add Dr. Ann, from East Alabama, who had brain surgery earllier in the week, but may be going home in the next two days. Please pray for her continued improvement.


From JCF:

Someone in my 12 Step group's awaiting the results on a "problem" mammogram.

For that matter, for EVERYBODY in 12 Step groups!

Saint Gilbert
of Sempringham
pray for us


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  1. Prayers for all. Thanks for the prayers for Dr. Ann. She is back home now and still improving–amazing her doctors, friends and family, actually.

  2. Prayers for one and all. Thanks to all who remember me. A prayer also for Ellie’s young woman that she may find light in her darkness.