OH DEAR — 30 Comments

  1. Liturgical dance dressed in bedsheets and a stuffed toy dog. Oh. No.

    …and I thought we evangelicals had a monopoly on cheesiness…

  2. People dressing up in strange clothes, standing up at the front of the church with their hands raised, performing symbolic gestures?

    Looks very Anglo-Catholic to me.

  3. Yes, Susie Sue. That’s Erika Baker, Cathy and Ellie Finlay in the bottom photograph doing their “Three vestal virgins go to church” burlesque showstopper.

  4. You are so wicked, MP. I know what all of them look like, so I know better than to believe you in this circumstance. Go sit on the naughty spot!

  5. that’s right Susan, that’s me waving round a giant pincushion, in order to make a spiritual point, you know. Though as you can see the other two have bottles of strong liquor, which on the whole are even better for making a point.

  6. Graham, these folks are quasi Evangelicals. They are a TEC break away parish is memory serves. This looks to be that same parish, the one of the giant dancing puppet heads video.

  7. This looks to be that same parish, the one of the giant dancing puppet heads video.

    I thought that was a breakaway RC parish?

    I would like to know, however, what the women are holding, and if it was the parish, or a CRITIC (aka Self-Appointed Inquisitor) who styled them “Vestal Virgins” (they could well just be liturgical dancers w/ the elements for the Eucharist).

    As for the puppet, I have just two words: “Manger Babies”! [RIP Brittany Murphy, voice of “Luanne”]

    Seriously: as w/ the previous Giant Head puppets—none of this may be my particular taste, but I’m not at all convinced there’s actually anything heretical going on here.

  8. Cool. Looks like reconstructionist Hellenic polytheistic worship in the second picture – if ya ask me.

    It’d be awesome if they were offering retsina and olives to Pallas Athene.

  9. JCF, it says Vestal Mothers, not virgins.

    Just habit, Dahveed. If the critics wrote this, I’m sure they only said “Vestal Mothers”, to mock their age. [Snot-nosed young conservatives—BOTH of them!—just love to mock their Boomer elders]

    There are no virgin mothers.
    Opps, did I say that!

    La Guadalupena awaits your contrition, chico. ;-p

  10. What, we get 10% and she gets the rest? What’d she do to deserve that?

    Exactly my own thought, Lois. I need a drink a hell of a lot more than Pallas Athene.

  11. Liturgical dance. The one thing that may be even worse than a “U2charist”…

    (OK, OK, so I’m a liturgy & music snob 😉