1. Come on – some days off for this one? I think I hurt something listening to this POS. You must be close to the bottom of the barrel now… can there be anything lower?

  2. I am, but you know dogs have sensitive hearing… I personally have nothing against otters or beavers. But the bipeds singing this – well, that’s a different matter. Hang ’em. Hang ’em high.

  3. Well, thank you, Cathy. I was beginning to doubt my own silliness – everyone was thinking this was a “Where does he find them?” entry. I just thought it was a sweet little song with some useful hints on how to tell the difference between beavers and otters.

  4. Yes, I’ve heard it all before, Clumber. I’ve got nothing against black people but I wouldn’t want them building a lodge in my pond.

  5. I don’t think Americans do silliness, Cathy. Well, not like the Brits and certainly not like the Aussies who have given the world such classics as “Tie Your Kangaroo Down, Sport” and Joe Dolce.

  6. “Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport” … now there was a song.

    Mind me platypus duck, Bill,
    mind me platypus duck.
    Don’t let him go running amok, Bill,
    mind me platypus duck.
    Altogether now!

    Shakespeare couldn’t outdo that.

  7. Silly and cute! I love otters. They lie on their backs and break crabs on a rock! They are tool users. What could be cuter than that?

  8. Otters are the coolest, PP. I think that’s why Clumber hates them so much. We have otters round where I live but you never get to see them. The coolest otters are sea otters – especially when they do the lying on their back cleaning their whiskers thing.

  9. “I don’t think Americans do silliness…” What about “Alvin and the Chipmunks,” or even back to the 1930s with Ish KaBibble of Kay Kyser’s Orchestra singing “Three Little Fishes (Itty Bitty Poo)”? Granted, we probably get it from that part of our DNA that originated in the British Isles.

  10. MP said: “I don’t think Americans do silliness, Cathy.”

    Oh, MP, you haven’t met my ex, Daniel.

    He used to go around randomly singing things like this (to the tune of “Don’t Cry For Me Argentina”)….

    Don’t cry for me, Charlie Tuna
    You were supposed to have been an albacore
    But you weren’t; you had more dark meat…

  11. You have otters — even unseen — God obviously loves you. We have rumors of otters here on the Dolores River.

    Prayers for otters and those who love them.

  12. Not to mention their gracious service to St Cuddy. There are two otters amongst my “children.”

    We worship a silly God, which is why we can believe in redemption.

  13. Silly is what Americans do best!

    I guess I’m odd-man-out on this one; I kinda liked it.

    Of course, I also liked:

    Bona Natale!
    Italian Christmas time!

  14. Tracie, I have a large collection of stuffed animals, all acquired in adulthood, and they are my children. The first two were Malachi Matthew Melchizedek Mole and Otter the Great from Christmas 1978.