From Gordon:

Could you add my Aunt Isabella Blair to the prayer request please?

She is in alot of pain after all fall outside her church. The doctors thought it was a broken hip but they now suspecting something else might be broken.


From Arkansas Hillbilly:

Thank you, Jonathan. I'm just going through some really tough issues right now and need some time to focus on my internal wellbeing. Thank you and everyone for your prayers and caring concern. Prayers for strength and healing would be much appreciated.


Posted by The Finnie Family at ADVENTURES WITH GOD:

Please pray for Joel. On top of his broken arm which is almost healed, he's gone and got something called Irritable Hip (never heard of it before now) which is causing him a lot of distress. The Dr said he needs complete bed rest for a week and must not put any pressure on it. Tomorrow he's going for a blood test to rule out any possibility of an infection and at some point he needs to go for an MRI to check that there is no serious underlying thing going on.


Posted by Mark at

Good News, Everyone! This past Sunday, my nephew's girlfriend, Melinda, was baptized at St. Patrick's Episcopal Church in Atlanta, J. Spurgeon Hayes celebrating. To top off the day, Mike and Melinda announced their engagement!


Posted by Lisbeth at TELLING SECRETS:

Somebody's gettin' maaarrrreeeeeddd!

And that somebody would be our beautiful youngest daughter, Mia. Her beau of almost two years proposed this weekend. I've been waiting for the word to spread the word. Sitting on this much joy has been a real labor of love.


Please pray for me. I'm expecting some bad news this week, the result of a prolonged hate campaign initiated against me by the former vicar of my parish before he left. On the one hand it will, at least, get rid of some of the uncertainty I've been living with since last summer. On the other hand it makes my personal future a scarier prospect than it was before.
And pray for our friend, Göran and his compatriots on this the feast day of Saint Anskar, Apostle to the Swedes.

Saint Anskar
pray for us.


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  1. Look here, Kalle af. Just because I’m praying for the Swedes doesn’t mean I have to speak their language, as well. I have some standards, you know 🙂

  2. Prayers for you MP, this has been a haul.

    Prayers for one and all listed here and otherwise.

    I must say that I have a lively and wonderful blog/facebook friendship with some correspondence thrown in, with Dean and Paula Finnie. They are spectacular people and I am grateful to know them. They have had a heavy load of late, but they persevere cheerfully at all times.

  3. Prayers for you, MP, and for all named here in their various needs and joys. Thank you for remembering Ansgar (standardized spelling is a modern thing and I wrote “standardized” in the Yank fashion but MP translates easily).

    I also ask prayers for Tad who is having surgery on his knees today and is a bit anxious.

    Small change amid larger requests: I may be battling a cold one week before my big trip to Turkey and wish to beat it down under my feet before traveling.

  4. Prayers for all especially you MP. Another tiny piece of change–I have broken a bone in my foot (falling in a church parking lot, Catholic no less, after the funeral of a co-worker!! I have only myself to blame for inattention. I wish I could blame the rather awful homily.)

  5. The TEC’s calendar (& LFF) spells it “Anskar,” noting that it is Latinized as “Ansgarius.” The Episcopal parish in Hartland, Wisconsin — an area originally settled by many Swedish folks — is “St. Anskar’s.”
    You pays your money and you takes your choice.

  6. Praying for everyone, especially you MP.

    Please add Dr. Ann, from East Alabama, who had brain surgery earllier in the week, but may be going home in the next two days. Please pray for her continued improvement.

  7. Someone in my 12 Step group’s awaiting the results on a “problem” mammogram.

    For that matter, for EVERYBODY in 12 Step groups!

    Prayers ascending for all. {{{Crazy Arse}}}