1. Excellent comments indeed – the Anglican Covenant is essentially dead as a door nail. Note that our prince among princes, Bishop James Stanton of the Episcopal Diocese of Dallas, is hosting a convention whose purpose is to discuss his rationale that the diocese is the seat of power and authority, even over the province. It is his opinion that his diocese can sign on to the Anglican Covenant with or without TEC. The convention is co-sponsored by our good friends at ACI…..

    On a related note, it appears the pro-Covenant forces have taken a page from the 7 dioceses of the Common Cause Partnership. The CCP is apparently working to withdraw from TEC without legally leaving, so they get to run their dioceses the way they want, and keep the buildings and the money. In the same vein, the pro-Covenants have decided to push up the formal ratification of the Anglican Covenant by having just the churches and dioceses that agree to sign up to the Covenant form their own group to do so.

    This, of course, means the end of the Anglican Communion, as you will then have the Covenant group on the one hand and the non-Covenant provinces on the other. The schismatics have come to realize that the Covenant cannot possibly be ratified by most privinces for several years, due to the timing of national or provincial conventions, etc. So they have elected to step things up a bit. Ain’t politics fun?