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  1. Too funny!

    “And there you go, ‘Mad Priest’, you are deleted. And calling yourself a Mad Preist is not very funny either!”

  2. About 5 years ago, I got home to my place on a Thanksgiving night (after stuffing myself silly, of course).

    Bored, I was channel surfing on TV, and I came across a Wingnut channel like this one . . . only the host was allowing unscreened/insufficiently-screened PHONE CALLS out over the air!

    I’d never seen this channel before (or since, for that matter), but clearly, the guy was a homophobe who had {ahem} rubbed some Angry F@gs the wrong way.

    As it was Thanksgiving, you were supposed to call up, and just say what you were thankful for. Several clearly male voices called in, saying things like “I’m thankful for my Beeeautiful Boyfriend!” or (re the host) “I’m SO thankful I’m not wearing that sweater!”

    It was a laugh riot, and the host (wearing a sweater that was, admittedly, FRIGHTENINGLY fugly! And w/ TERRIBLE hair to match!) just got more and more enraged.

    Thanks to those callers, “the Gospel was preached”! *LOL*