1. They are the Anglican Church in North America. They left in 1977 after the ordination of women. Supposedly they have 300 members in Maine. I blogged about it this morning on my site. Bishop Malone is the one who gave a half a million dollars in support of defeating marriage equality.

  2. This is confusing. Apparently Marsh is a bishop in the ACA (Anglican Church in America).

    I wish the TEC bishop of Maine could get involved in this.

  3. “Anglican” can mean a number of things; it may mean being in communion with the See of Canterbury (albeit with some grumbling these days from some of us), or it may mean being in communion with Humpty Dumpty (“When I use a word….”).

    This nice newslady at the Portland TV station needs to have this explained to her.

  4. ACA is part of TAC, which has been very keen on the Pope’s overture to conservative Anglicans.

    Also, from Bishop Marsh’s diocesan website, I noticed that his now-retired predecessor prescribed Bishop Malone’s pastoral letter on same-sex marriage to be read in ACA churches in Maine.

    Birds of a feather, and no great ecumenical earthquake.

    But back before JP2 and Benedict re-made the Roman episcopate in their image, I did attend a eucharist concelebrated by +Charles Vache (TEC-Southern Virginia) and +Walter Sullivan (RC-Richmond).

  5. The Episcopal Church Bishop of Maine is Rt Rev Stephen T. Lane, an active and outspoken supporter of marriage equality and all pro GLBT issues. As an Episcopalian he is a member of the Anglican Communian, i.e. an “Anglican” in the true sense of the word (which has been co-opted by the dissenters)