1. you know what’s not funny, though, some people take the Phelps clan as representative of what Christianity is all about. How irritating is that?

  2. Cathy
    you can’t stop people being deliberately ignorant. They do it on all levels, even Dawkins is deliberately setting up a strawman Christianity so he can then knock it down with a feeling of superiority.

    If anyone believes the Phelps it says more about them than it does about the clan.

  3. SF did itself proud this time. Enough of the —

    Why is San Francisco like granola?
    If you get rid of the fruits and the nuts, all you’ve got left is the flakes

    — this is serious. So they took it seriously, local style, at Twitter and at other places, as a letter to the S F Chronicle reports:

    [consider this a blockquote which the idiot blogspot interface refuses to allow]
    Lowell High School had a barbecue and dance party to make it easy to ignore them. Jewish Community High School raised $5,000 to help Haiti (by getting pledges for each minute church members were there). Outside of Twitter, people highlighted the church’s irrelevancy by meeting them with absurd signs (like “God Loves the Taste of Macaroni and Cheese” and God Hates Broccoli”).

    I’m so proud to live in San Francisco!

    SHERRY SPITZER, San Francisco

    I think the Jewish approach of using it as a fund raiser wins the brilliancy prize.