1. The god who moves in mysterious ways
    Doth take his hands off the wheels some days
    He’s also know to drop the ball When he dements, God help us all.

  2. If *I* were the Most Holy Trinity—wrap your heads around that one! {snort!}—I would direct all calls to Dahveed’s “First World Foisting Crap Building Materials onto the Third World” defense.

  3. Note to scoffers:

    “”Where were you when I laid the foundations of the earth? Tell me, if you know so much.” — Job

  4. Dear Anon

    I don’t say, “I know more than God”
    Or that I know his way.
    I only know the things I see
    The rest, is just hearsay.

    I’ll grant you Jesus seemed to know
    If all reports are true
    “Love your neighbour as yourself”
    And, “Love as I loved you.”

  5. Dear Anon. You look but you do not see.

    My poem about god dropping the ball (Admittedly the formatting of the lines got a bit cocked up) was about “god”, not God.

    Read the poem carefully.
    It is the “god” who moves in mysterious ways who takes his hands of the wheel some days.

    “Moves in mysterious ways” was written by Cowper. It is not scripture.

    You will notice that I suggested that this same “god” (prone to such failings as we are) might dement and, if so, we will need “God” to help us.

    Don’t put your censorious, patronising, fundie crap on me mate. You’re a dunce. Go to the back of the class.

  6. Oh and I also used the small “h” for “he” instead of “He”, except at the beginning of the sentence. Stupid pr***!

  7. Oh, I see. You think God is an old man with a beard who sits on a cloud all day.

    Back of the class? You should be on the other side of the back wall.

  8. oh surely we’re not going to have to put up with tiresome trolls again.

    Thanks for the quotation from Job, which we all knew anyway. Now go away.

  9. Perhaps we shouldn’t be so hard on him. The bloke’s obviously going through a serious crisis of faith and is hoping that if he shouts loud enough he will be able to drown out his own doubt. Of course, he should relax and learn to accept his own uncertainty. But that’s a long and painful lesson for an idolator to learn and he will more than likely end up becoming a fundie atheist.

  10. Humor impaired? Check.
    Irony imparied? Check.
    Literary allusions impaired? Check.
    Superior dignity in full working order? Ding, ding, ding; we have a winner!

    (I think Anonymous qualifies as a troll.)

  11. (I think Anonymous qualifies as a troll.)

    Yes. I expect you’re right, Ellie. I’ll stop playing with him, then (although I was enjoying it).