This is worrying:

Posted by Arkansas Hillbilly at HILLBILLY MUSINGS:

Due to personal issues, Hillbilly Musings will be closing for a few months. Keep me in your prayers.

I've emailed Hillbilly.


SCG, at WAKE UP AND LIVE, asked us a while back to pray for her friend, Charlotte who was to undergo exploratory surgery for cancer. Things have been happening fast in this lady's life recently, but it seems to be a Thanks Be To God situation. For full detail's, go check out SCG's blog.


Posted by Mark at PRELUDIUM:

For the past twelve days I've been able to do very little except to think of Haiti, a country and people that I love. Added to that I've lost a good friend, Arnold, whose heart gave out after a long fight. I led the service for him today.



Friends and family of Myra Ical would like to invite the community to pay their last respects on Saturday, January 30, 2010 at the Santana Funeral Home located at 5352 Katy Freeway (corner of I-10 & T C Jester).

Myra Ical was a Houston transgender woman who was brutally murdered January 18th and whose memory was imediatly slandered by media. The community spoke out against the slander and organized the largest TG action in Houston's history.After the community spoke up, the media corrected their portrayal of Myra's life and death, the request for information leading to the arrest of Myra's killer was carried on practically all Houston media and we now know the name of a person of interest.

Myra's friends were moved beyond words by the response from the community. Many of them shared stories about Myra's life - especially her compassion - with me. Myra's family and friends asked me to extend this invitation to help them say goodbye to their loved one and our sister, Myra Ical between the hours of 1 and 9 PM this Saturday.

Thank you,
Cristan Williams


Posted by Sara at CRYING IN THE NIGHT:

As I said before, I have a friend here who has chosen to undergo cancer treatment in China. I have been struggling with what my response should be. So far all I've done is listen and offer help. I have been asking everyone I know for advice and opinions. Many of my friends have lived in China for years and have experience with the medical system or know someone who has.

This morning a friend of a friend called me. She is an RN who has been in China for a long time and works for one of the "organizations". She told me all of the horror stories of people who have opted to stay in country for medical care. She did not mince words, "tell your friend to get back to the states, now". If my friend continues with the proposed plan of two weeks of chemo followed by surgery, she probably won't survive a week after the surgery. The Chinese routinely kill people with chemo, they give too much. If she survives that, her immune system will be depressed. They don't practice basic hygiene, even in the hospitals, so post op infection is normal. This is a disaster."

Now I need a plan. I know she won't listen to me, she's decided it's God's will.


Posted by Note Bene at DON'T PANIC. RTFM:

For Lynne


Posted by Mardé at SEEV'S PLACE:

“Enjoy your new eyes.”, said Dr. Bruce Cassidy on my left eye post-op visit on Wednesday. Both eyes feel quite good, minus their cataracts and plus their new lenses, for now. But last eve I got a little worried that my right eye may be faintly showing double images, and when I was out snow shoeing yesterday afternoon I noticed a cobweb-like floater in my right eye vision. Is the “macular pucker” that Dr. Cassidy pointed out to me in a test on my first visit rearing it’s puckered head? Macular pucker may or may not affect vision and I don’t really think the vision in my right eye is suffering much, but when I have my visit with Dr. Christine Newell on Feb. 10, I can find out if there is any loss or distortion of vision in my right eye. Otherwise, it’s fun having this new set of eyes and not having to wear glasses, except for reading and computer viewing.

Saint Charles,
King and
Blessed Martyr,
pray for us.


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  1. Please add Martha, my Sue-z’s aunt who passed from life to life eternal this week. She was 92, and led a full life leaving a large number of grand and great grand children who loved her, as did we all. May she rest in peace and rise in glory.


  2. Our cleaning lady asks for prayers. Her brother Román was run over by a drunk driver, and lies critically injured in a hospital in Tecate, Mexico, with massive head trauma and broken bones. He is potentially near death. We promised her we would get all our friends to pray for him, and for his wife and 3month old baby.

  3. [Like Cathy, I have trouble with thinking of Charles I as a “saint”. Pity about the head-chopping though.]

    Prayers ascending as requested…


    From my online friend McJohn:

    We’re back early from the trip, as I e-mailed a few of you yesterday: our gorgeous little 11-year-old Aussie, Lucy the Wonder Dog, was taken ill suddenly and didn’t survive the night. We got a pet-friendly hotel room (placed exactly where we needed it by the Guanyin) and were able to be with her; she drew her last breaths lying peacefully in my arms on her old, familiar doggie bed, which she’d spent the day sitting on in my lap as Story Doc drove.

    We brought Lucy home to give to the tender keeping of her vets, who had cared for her through several difficult illnesses and will now take over the tough job of seeing her through her last journey. We will pick up her ashes next week and keep them in a place of honor with her brother Dutch and their predecessors Fred and Ethel.

    We’re pretty much beat and have been doing low-impact stuff like ordering pizza, napping frequently, and reminding ourselves not to react to little noises that sound like a collar jingling. I imagine we’ll work our way up to something more useful in the next day or so. I’m thinking showers and maybe a trip to the grocery store.

    In the meantime, if you could give any of your four-footers salutations and love, that would be wonderful. Lucy had a great, great heart, and I can’t think of a better tribute to that low-key, agreeable, yet independent little beauty.

    Enjoy your Golden Tail, Lucy. {{{Hugs}}} to your human pack.

  4. Pity about the head-chopping though

    It irritates me totally that the monarchists got back in the door so rapidly. The Puritans have had rubbish press ever since. They are a somewhat misunderstood bunch of people. I’m not saying everything they did was good but you get the impression from the way it’s taught that England under the Stuarts was one great big party, then Oliver Cromwell came along and ruined everything for everyone and banned all the fun, and everyone was miserable, then Charles II came back and it was one great big party again. Er, not quite. People forget that just because the king was having fun it doesn’t mean everyone else in the country is.

    Anyway, alas for Lucy. She sounds like she was a lovely dog.

  5. Cathy, your comments would only have some validity if Cromwell wasn’t a puritan Stalin. Charles I was a crap king but he didn’t commit genocide. Therefore when they hacked his head off they ended up with something far worse and they then cancelled Christmas, harvest festival, singing in church and the theatre, amongst other things. After Cromwell the number of days holiday the working man could look forward to each year was reduced by about 90%. And the worst thing about the Puritans was that they were BORING!!! An unforgivable sin and PTL the Charlie II came along and made being happy legal again. And his attitude did filter down to the common people. For a start they were allowed to have some entertainment in their bloody awful lives.

    Basically, I will have none of your Aussie republicanism and Sydney puritanism round here, thank you very much. Long live the king (Stuart king, of course, not those boring, protestant Germans).

  6. MP – I absolutely KNEW that was going to be your response. I KNEW IT.

    No, the version you have given is what I mean by their bad press. The truth is far more complicated and interesting. I think pretty much everything you have said is wrong, actually (shock horror).

    PS. “Filter down”? Didn’t know you were a Thatcherite.
    PPS. How do you reconcile being a royalist with being a socialist? No, don’t answer that.
    PPPS. I’m from Melbourne, not Sydney.

  7. I never said you was from Sydney.

    And Cromwell was a genocidal, egotist, who killed a king to become king himself. And, he killed and oppressed the socialists in his own army. Bastard!

  8. …. OK, MP, we are going to have to agree to disagree on this one. I’m sure we can manage this: we are mature adults (well, I am). I think the Puritans, about whom I have read quite a lot, are totally fascinating and somewhat misunderstood. I knew you would disagree. And you do. So there we are.

    PS So when you say “I will have none of your Sydney puritanism”, what are you talking about then? …

  9. Ah, now you’re widening the scope of the initial argument which was simply that Cromwell was a worse ruler than Charles I. You are now saying that Puritans are misunderstood. I notice you are not saying that the Irish and Scot killing Cromwell and his law enforcers were misunderstood. And I have no idea why you are supporting Puritans anyway. They’d have burnt you as witch without any hesitation.

    And I eat Cornish pasties, but I’m not from Cornwall.

  10. Howdy MP, no I ain’t shifting the goalposts – see my earlier comment: “The Puritans have had rubbish press ever since. They are a somewhat misunderstood bunch of people.” (I’m quoting myself now, which is only a short step from turning into Richard Dawkins, but anyway). I also said: “I’m not saying everything they did was good” (to make it clear that I wasn’t putting forward an unqualified defence of them).

    You (rather alarmingly) leapt to the conclusion that these comments must mean I am a big fan of Ollie. This is a common assumption, because people think he “represents” the Puritans, so they think if you talk about them, you’re talking about Ollie. But again, they were a whole lot more complicated than that.

    All I am saying is that I think the common view of them is incredibly simplistic and that I just do not buy that the two Charlies were great blokes who everyone loved and Ollie was the big meanie who came in between.

    Thanks though for suggesting they would have burnt me as a witch – I’m flattered.

    And I am glad you like Cornish pasties. They’re nice, aren’t they.

  11. Yes, but I initiated the conversation and it was about Cromwell and his cronies.

    Following a woman’s chain of thought is like… Oh never mind.

  12. Er no, MP, I started it, with my mini-rant about the Puritans.

    I’m sitting here, watching Mad Men, and arguing with Mad Priest, this is what my life has come to.

  13. No. It’s my post. I started it. You decided to argue with the orthodox view of the Anglican church that Charles I is a saint by saying that his persecutors got a bad press.

  14. I’m sitting here, watching Mad Men

    Isn’t it Awesome? The fact that it’s set at the period of my earliest memories (more or less) sometimes gives me the feeling that memories are somehow coming more alive.

    Royal monarchs (Stuarts) vs. Pseudo monarchs (Cromwell)? God bless America!

  15. MP, I tell you what, in order to reach an agreement on who started it, let’s each get together an army and slug it out. That usually seems to work quite well. Only don’t blame me if you get your head cut off in the end. If forcing Armenianism on the Prebyterian Scots strikes you as a good idea, you must take the consequences.

    (I must say though – I am genuinely startled that someone with as keen and contrarian a brain as yours accepts the royalist line on Charles I being a saint … It seems to me such an obvious example of the church dishonestly sucking up to the powers that be. Again)

    JCF – Mad Men is brilliant. The episode I was watching last night was the one where Sal gets picked up by the bell boy (only for the fire alarm to interrupt). Poor old Sal, he really needs some proper action.

    Dah-veed – Yes indeed they were, and it was nasty stuff. My take, though, is that the Puritans, who first appeared during the reign of Elizabeth I and eventually emigrated in large numbers to America, were a large and diverse group of people, so the Salem episode doesn’t represent them overall – it may not even represent the Salem group overall. The other thing about Salem is that what we think we know about it is largely filtered through the viewpoint of Arthur Miller’s play The Crucible, which is really about the US attitude to Communism in the fifties, so the “history” in it is shaded by that.

    My basic point is really that we all think we know what the Puritans were like and what they did, so no one much makes the effort to actually find out.

    I hope that makes sense. I sent this post this morning and MP says he didn’t get it, so I am rewriting it at the end of a long and tiring day.