A cat from Tyneside has become the biggest cat to ever take part in a pet slimming competition. Socrates, owned by Bull Duncan from North Shields, weighed 22.2lbs (10.1kg) at the start of the challenge - more than double his ideal bodyweight. He lost 3.3lbs (1.5kg). However, the champion was another cat, Amber, a 12-year-old from Edinburgh, who weighed 15.7lbs (7.1kgs) at the start of the challenge in September - more than 60 per cent over her ideal weight.


GEORDIE FAT CAT — 13 Comments

  1. Considering the overall size of this cat, I’m not certain that it is really all that obese. I have seen some very heavy cats that are much more average sized in that weight class, this is America after all.

  2. I believe you are right, MP. The woman in the photo clearly fears becoming the next course.

    A Deacon’s Wife

  3. Speaking as someone currently cat-sitting an immense moggie, he did it to himself, working his way through the neighborhood and eating at every house.

    We are trying to reduce his food intake, but he’s very crafty about finding more, and it doesn’t seem to be having much effect. We took off about 5 pounds but now he’s stalled at around 18, I think.

    Of course sleeping 23 hours a day doesn’t help, but you can’t take the cat to the gym.

    And the skinny cat he lives with can eat whatever he wants and never puts on an ounce.

  4. I think much of what we’re seeing in this picture is hair.

    [skittles, ya here? How much, um, mass has Marmalade? ;-p]

  5. Marms is a svelte 19 pounds… and has been that way for more than 10 years. Never much more & never much less. So I would say that he is the weight he is supposed to be.

  6. Some breeds such as Ragdolls are naturally big cats. We had one in the neighborhood that once got stuck in our cat door. He was half in and half out with some of my cats on each end torturing the poor old boy before I came to the rescue. He had probably come in to steal food when he got caught. It was his last visit to our house.

  7. My little house tiger is getting a Buddha belly these days.

    Michael’s father has a big cat that goes around the neighborhood beating up the other dogs and cats and demanding protection money. He gets fat at the expense of all the other neighborhood pets.