From Bruce:

Probably only "spikes" will really appreciate this recent

foto from St. Stephen's House at Oxford. Reminds me of
my own seminary days' custom of plunking two plastic
pink flamingos about the campus in rotating spots. Give
'em back, you b**tard! (You know who you are.)



  1. Love it! Just love it!

    (Now we wait for some humorless super-pious person to come along and declare it a sacrilege.)

    Wish you could all see Tulsa right now. We had a heavy snowfall yesterday and everything is so very beautiful this morning.

  2. Hmmph! Imagine: Well, a proper fiddle-back chasuble, yes, but NO ALB AND NO AMICE? What are things coming to? It’s that careless, broad church modernism that’s spoiling everything!

  3. Point taken, Crescens. Point well taken!

    And God knows I spent enough time laying out priests’ vestments back in my convent days to appreciate it, too. I could never get the exactly correct “S” twist in the girdle to satisfy the sacristan who was truly “the nun from hell”. (We had to “spell” out IHS when we laid out the vestments. When I wrote to my spiritual director complaining about this, he replied, “Well, of COURSE you have to spell out IHS. Suppose some careless sister got it wrong and the priest got confused and thought he was Donald Trump???”)

  4. Well, yeah… It was a religious order for, you know, women.

    Yes, she was well past menopause. But I wasn’t. (Not exactly a great combination when I was her sub-sacristan!) I’m not someone who cries easily but this particular bride of Christ could sure make me cry. I had nightmares about her long after I left the place.