In a message for National Holocaust Memorial Day Dr Rowan Williams said mankind must remain alert to a repeat of the Nazis’ division of people into “us and them”, which led to the death of millions in concentration camps during the Second World War.

COMMENT: No comment.



  1. I’ll comment. Couching “us and them” language in soft, fluffy terms such as “gracious restraint” doesn’t soften their impact.

  2. I’ll comment. Does he really not see that he has personally created an “us and them” atmosphere? Or does throwing the Bible at people not count as creating an “us and them” atmosphere? Feh.

  3. Yes, not good, is it. Although I suppose he can hardly stand there and say he agrees with the ideas of Hitler. Then rip off his robes to reveal an SS uniform and do a Nazi salute.

    Actually, I wish he would do that.

  4. Can you imagine ANY more frustrating job, than as RW’s publicist? [I’m sure that it’s traditional for an ABC not to have one . . . but don’t you think it MIGHT improve his moral grasp, if he did? (WTF!)]

  5. I saw R Ruth had the headline saying that Williams had said “It’s not just Britain that’s broken. It’s the world.”

    All I could think was, “Well, if you’d put down the g*dd*mned hammer . . . !”