I fear this may prove all too much for our good friend, Tim
Chesterton. He's had a lot of excitement lately. Firstly, he
has given birth to his first grandchild. Then, I go and agree
with him about something on one of the threads yesterday
and now I'm posting a whole load of songs by a brilliant,
rootsy band called The Deep dark Wood who are from, of
all places, Canada. As you all know, Canadians are a quite
boring people who normally avoid excitement at all costs.
Hopefully, that little bit of an Englishman that hides deep
inside of Tim, behind the face fungus, will be enough to stop
him exploding messily all over the place when he reads this.



THE DVANT DISCO — 20 Comments

  1. Then buy an apple mac because, as you can see from the number of people who have voted already, it’s was working for those of us with proper computers.

    However, I’ve changed the size just for you (and for the sake of peace and quiet).

  2. All right then, confession time. On my laptop the strange line breaks don’t show, and I probably could have seen the voting machine. I guess the problems only show up on the old XP operating system on the desktop, which is bound to have a double personality, because Tom uses the computer, too.

    I say this because I am a humble enough person, to admit that I made a mistake, which is more than I can say for some people I know – no names.

  3. Well, I’m the one who “Mimi’ed” this collection. I couldn’t vote yes, because they didn’t do much for me, but I couldn’t vote no, either. The Band with Music from Big Pink did this better (I think one of them was Canadian?) and even Jesse Winchester in his earliest recordings was more compelling (I know, he was just living there, not born and bred there…). So, I’ll give it a “Mimi”, even if I don’t know what that is, because there’s nothing else left after yes and no.

  4. He’s had a lot of excitement lately. Firstly, he
    has given birth to his first grandchild

    Tim’s given birth? These Canadians are an advanced people.

    This lot are a Mimi too, I really like them.

  5. Well Mimi, in my mind, Mimi IS A GOOD THING. I am therefore going to vote tracks I like a Mimi where we are given the chance to do so.