At long last, something that the entire Northern Hemisphere can join together and feel mutually superior and smug about - and, of course, it's all true because it was on the BBC.

Australians top the list as the world's most envious people in a global tally of the seven deadly sins. They also score highly for the other six, making Australia the "most sinful nation" on earth, according to a BBC magazine show. The tally compared national statistics for plastic surgery (pride), theft (envy), violent crime (wrath), number of annual holidays (sloth), annual salary (greed), money spent on fast food (gluttony) and porn (lust). Australians gained the dubious prize of being named "the most sinful nation on earth" for scoring highly in every one of the seven categories, the report added.

Popular Melbourne priest Father Bob Maguire said Australians had their vices, but they were also very virtuous.

"Australians like to indulge and enjoy the good things in life - we are open about that. But people forget that the mirror image of the sins are the seven virtues and Australians also have a lot of virtues on balance. We're just too laconic to talk about the things we do right."

COMMENT: Too laconic? I think that what Father Bob (who's a good bloke) really means to say is that Australians are too pissed all the while to talk about "the things they do right." Either that, or they are too busy surfing the net for sheep porn. Good on yer, mates!



  1. I told you, we beat you Brits at everything, so it’s not surprising we’re the best when it comes to the seven deadly sins.

    I must say though, when I was back in Oz in December, I went through some old clothes and donated them to Father Bob Maguire’s charity, so I can’t help but feel that his remark that Aussies are “very virtuous” must be aimed directly at me.

    Excuse me now while I go and surf the net for some sheep porn.


  2. Maybe when Our Moral Betters threatened us w/ “going down the the Hot Place” if we continued in our sinful ways, they just meant where we’d fit in: Oz? ;-/

    [Pity about that accent, though!]

  3. Ah, the Good Life! I wished you hadn’t advertised this to the whole world Mad One. Now everyone will have even more reason to want to move to God’s own country, Down Under.

  4. Of course, I need hardly remind OCICBW readers that MP let slip in a previous post that he has had unnatural relations with a whole string of sheep (just check out the comments, in which his unspeakable actions are unveiled for all to see:)

    So I think the remarks here about sheep porn may simply be a reflection of his own obsession with all things white and woolly that live in fields.

    Matthew 7:3: “And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?” Eh? Eh? Eh? Tell me that then waves finger vigorously

  5. Oh, by the way, it’s the New Zealanders, who go in for sheep.

    Whereas it’s the Aussies, who go in to?! :-X

    [Sorry, Boaz: once again, it’s my Xena Warrior Princess obsession, which makes me defensive of All Things Kiwi! ;-)]

  6. I wonder how those horny boys in Oz do a ‘roo

    Dah-veed – given that roos are muscular bastards with a hell of a kick and can get away fast, with great difficulty, I would have thought