ROWAN GETS A MEDAL — 13 Comments

  1. The photo’s funny, but I think the reality behind it is even more grimly hilarious:

    Rowan receiving the Campion Award – and award named for someone who rejected Anglicanism and set out to destroy it for the sake of a pope.

  2. I think, Fran, that you will find that Rowan getting his swimming cert. at last, is an OCICBW… scoop. I don’t think anyone else is running this particular story.

  3. I think that you are correct. I know that I have not – and will not! I leave such things to the hands that are capable of them, such as yours.

  4. So does this qualify him to make it all of the way across the Tiber? Is he swimming the Tiber anytime soon? Will he follow Mr. Prime Minister Blair and do it after leaving office?

  5. I left this comment at America:

    Not a few of us in the Episcopal Church have dreams of giving Archbishop Williams a gentle push into the water to swim the Tiber, since he so often has his eyes on Rome as his model for rearranging Anglican Communion. Perhaps, he should fulfill his dream by just going over to Rome on his own and stop trying to drag the rest of us with him.

    Having said that, the Campion Award is quite fitting for the archbisop.