It's a fun night on TV for the Brits today.

Well, that
that's always
puzzled me.

Personally, I've found from experience that there's no teaching canoes. They just sit there in the water and do nothing unles you poke them with a stick or give them a kick Even then they just float off a few yards and go back to sleep.


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  1. How dare you malign the straight to video industry in such a slanderous manner, Dennis? Somebody slaved over this script for hours (at least, nearly an hour).

  2. We don’t get obscure British movie channels on our cable TV system, so I thought I would look up these immortal dramas on Netflix.

    Netflix doesn’t have them.

    Surprise, surprise.

  3. [As I’ve pointed out before on OCICBW] Monster Ark stars My Pretend Girlfriend Renee O’Connor (formerly known as Xena’s Real Girlfriend, “Gabrielle”). Don’t watch the flick to learn anything whatsoever about the Bible or archeology . . . or ANYTHING w/ a basis in science.

    But as a couple hours of diversion, it’s OK. Love you, Renee!

  4. Last Tango in Paris is one of the dullest films I have ever seen. However, I am guessing that Last Tango in Cabo probably manages the tricky feat of being even duller.